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What are winters for if not for some un-Bailey-vable time!  

Is there anything like having a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly day? Especially with Baileys Irish Cream in it! Ah, I don’t think so! I mean, this smooth, sweet, creamy delight makes everything better.

Having a dessert? Mix Baileys in it!
Having ice cream? Top it with Baileys 
Having a cuppa coffee on a wintery night? Time to pour in a little Baileys

And, let’s be honest, the reason why people say ‘stressed’ spelt backwards is ‘desserts’. After all, wouldn’t it be heavenly to sip on this Irish cream liqueur flavoured with cream, cocoa and Irish whisky in the end! 

When there’s so much to look forward to how can Baileys not seem like a warm hug on a cold day!  

Want to know why we love it so much? Well, you gotta bring along a napkin just in case you have a serious case of drools! 

1. Give Your Fave Hot Chocolate A Makeover!
Whenever we think about hot chocolate, we think about our childhood! Wrapped up in a blanket, while sipping on some hot cocoa. And, now that it is winter all over again, who says you have to miss out on that? Just get yourself some hot chocolate, add in a little bit of  Baileys Irish cream for a change and relive those days once again! Want to know how to make one? Here’s a recipe.

Baileys Hot Chocolate
60ml Baileys Irish Cream
250ml prepared hot chocolate 
Whipped cream
Chocolate toppings 

Pour hot cocoa into your favourite mug. Stir in Baileys Irish Cream.
Garnish it with whipped cream and chocolate toppings and sip! 

4 Reasons Why Baileys Is A Warm Hug On A Cold Day

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2. It Makes Your Already Delish Desserts Even More Delicious 
Making a good ol’ cheesecake or even a parfait? Try mixing a splash of Baileys Irish Cream and see how it tastes. It gives your usual desserts a twist of Irish Whiskey with just the right hint of cream. And, if you’re looking for some easy to make Baileys dessert recipes, then tap here

4 Reasons Why Baileys Is A Warm Hug On A Cold Day


3. Mix It With Other Liqueurs And It Will Taste As Amazing
It’s cold and you’re in the mood to have a good vodka cocktail but you also want to have Baileys at the same time. And, wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you have a mix them both? Turns out there’s a recipe for it.

Baileys White Russian
60ml Baileys Irish Cream
30ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka
15ml Kahlua
90ml milk

In a tumbler, add Baileys Irish Cream, Smirnoff No.21 Vodka, and Kahlua. Mix and sip! 

4 Reasons Why Baileys Is A Warm Hug On A Cold Day

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4. It’s Like Having A Chocolate Cocktail!
Okay, we love chocolate. Be it a chocolate cake, a dessert or even simply munching on some but have you tried drinking it with just the hint of Irish whiskey? It literally feels like having a chocolate cocktail! And, when it’s chilly outside, all the more reasons for us to enjoy some chocolate Baileys cocktails! You can go for a chocolatini, a chocolat luxe mocha martini or even a hot fudge! I don’t know about you but I feel like I am wrapped in a warm blanket already! And, if you need help with the recipe, here’s one of them. 

Baileys Flat White Martini  
50ml Baileys Irish Cream 
25ml espresso
10ml milk 
Ice cubes 

In a shaker, add ice and Baileys Irish Cream. Then, add expresso and milk. Shake until silky smooth.
Strain in a cocktail glass, and garnish with three coffee beans. 

4 Reasons Why Baileys Is A Warm Hug On A Cold Day

Well, Baileys Irish Cream literally feels like a warm hug on a cold day and after reading this, I bet you will agree to! 

*Drink Responsibly!