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You’d definitely want a piece of this cake! 

We all love getting a birthday cake. Be it your birthday or someone else’s, everyone gets a slice of cake. But imagine, your friend is vegan!! Well, you automatically begin thinking what the hell you’re going to eat? Fret not!

We got everyone covered. We dug out a recipe that will keep all of you happy. This vegan cake has whisky in it! Now everyone can soothe their sweet tooth. Tada!

So, below is the recipe of a delicious whisky cake! You better get bakin’ and cakin’ together.

Hazelnut Whisky Chocolate Layer Cake 
Life’s ‘batter’ with a little bit of cake, don’t you think?

For the cake

50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
400 grams spelt flour
80 grams hazelnut flour
70 grams cacao powder
15 grams baking powder
400 grams coconut sugar
150 grams coconut oil
350 grams hazelnut milk
1 tbsp. white wine vinegar
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
40 grams hazelnuts, crushed

For the cream
3 400ml. coconut milk cans
3 tbsp. cacao powder
6 tbsp. coconut sugar

For the topping
Crushed hazelnuts
Shaved chocolate 
Pomegranate seeds

For the cake

A night before you make the frosting, leave the coconut milk can open in the fridge.
Whisk together both the flour, sugar, baking powder and cacao in a bowl. 
Add melted coconut oil, milk, vanilla, vinegar and Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky. Stir.
Throw in hazelnut crumbs and mix.
Divide the batter into three pans and back at 175°C in a preheated oven for 40-45 minutes. 
Take it out when cooked and let it cool. 

For the frosting 
Remove the liquid from the coconut milk cans and pour the cream into a bowl.
Add coconut sugar and cacao. Whip until firm.
Frost the cake with the cream.
Garnish with hazelnut, chocolate and pomegranate seeds. 

All You Need to Know About ‘Whisky-ing’ Up Your Vegan Cake!

Earthly Taste

All the vegans in the house! Let’s get mixing!

*Drink Responsibly