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When you mix Oreo and Baileys Irish Cream, you get the best of both worlds!

Somebody told me that the right way to eat an Oreo cookie is by twisting it, dunking it in a glass of milk and then eating it. But you know what? There’s one more way you to eat your Oreos! All you have to do is just add Baileys Irish Cream to it turn it into a delish dessert! 

Now that’s something that you would want to try, right? Especially when it’s National Oreo Cookie Day this 6th March! So, take out your fave Baileys Irish Cream, Oreo cookies and start making this already! 

Baileys Oreo Mousse
‘Oreo’ going to try this? Because it’s full of chocolate, fluffy and has Baileys Irish Cream in it! 

120ml Baileys Irish Cream, very cold
300g crushed oreo cookies
300ml heavy cream, very cold 
1 tsp vanilla
100ml whipped cream + 1 tsp vanilla extract 
2tsp unflavored gelatin
2tbsp cold water 
60ml boiling water 
120ml sugar 
2tbsp cocoa powder 

In a large mixing bowl, add thickened cream. Whip till stiff peaks appear that can hold their shape
Cover it and set aside in the fridge. 
Sprinkle gelatin over cold water in a bowl and let it soften for 1 minute.
Add boiling water and keep on stirring till gelatin dissolves. Keep it aside to cool. 
In a mixing bowl, stir together sugar and cocoa and then add heavy cream. (for mousse filling) 
Beat it at medium-high speed till soft peaks appear and add Baileys Irish Cream, vanilla, gelatin mixture. Keep on beating until well-blended and soft peaks form. Wait for 5 minutes for it to thicken. 
Add 1tbsp crushed Oreo into the serving dish, followed by 1 tbsp of mousse. Repeat it till its full.
Place it in the refrigerator to chill. 
Using a piping bag, pipe cream on top and sprinkle some crushed Oreos. 
Chill again for 1 hour and serve! 

Bailey's 2.png

Credits: Tastemade 

So, all you have to do is, twist, dunk it and add Baileys to it!

*Drink Responsibly