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Whip up this delish Ketel One vodka cocktail ghar baithe baithe!

When you think of ingredients to make a perfect cocktail for yourself, I bet carrots have never featured on that list. I mean, they are as far as they can be from the conventional items, right? However, carrots have a nice earthy-sweet flavour that when mixed into cocktails takes their taste to another level. Plus, not to forget the pretty orange colour it gives to your drink. 

Intrigued much? I would be too if I were you.

Read on if you want to get your hands on a quick and fuss-free carrot vodka cocktail recipe. You can thank me later!

Ginger and Carrot Smoothie Cocktail

Add some vodka to your carrot juice and spice up this healthy concoction. This drink has what it takes to dethrone your current favourite so you don’t miss it anymore. For real. 


30ml Ketel One Vodka

90ml Carrot Juice, freshly squeezed

30ml Organic Apple Juice

2 Thin Slices of Fresh Ginger

Lime Wheel, for garnish


Take a shaker glass and muddle the ginger slices at the bottom. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mix nicely until the ingredients are combined well, approximately for 10 seconds. Pour the contents over ice. Garnish the delicious cocktail with a lime wheel. Voila! 

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So, what are you waiting for? Try this hatke recipe today!

*Drink Responsibly