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You have got to make this refreshing mango cocktail this summer season! 

You know ‘aam’ is like the french fries of the fruit world. Just like you can have your french fries with anything, you can do so much more with mangoes too! You can pair some diced ‘aam’ with ice cream and turn it into a sundae, make some ‘aamras’ out of it, have it as a chutney, and even make a cocktail out of it! 

I mean, there’s a reason why mangoes are called the king of fruits! 

So, find some diced mangoes and turn it into an easy to make ‘mango-nificient’ cocktail! 

Mango Cooler Cocktail
The rich flavour of mangoes mixed with subtle citrus and honey tones of Ketel One can give your cocktail the party of flavours it needs! 

120ml Ketel One Vodka
30ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
30ml freshly squeezed lime juice
60ml soda 
120ml pure mango juice, cold
Diced mango, for garnish 

In a cocktail shaker, mix lemon, lime, mango juice and Ketel One Vodka. 
In two glasses filled with ice, pour the mix and top it with soda. 
Garnish with diced mango, optional. 

This Ketel One Cocktail Has Mango In It And Is Super Easy To Make

The 4 Blades 
This cocktail is so easy to make that you can shoot a tutorial of it, giving it your own spin and share it on your feed!

*Drink Responsibly