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This Whisky Sour is no ‘aam’ baat

While the Whisky Sour remains a classic, it’s nice to experiment with different flavours every now and then. Keeping the flavours subtle makes sure you don’t overpower this good old Whisky Sour, instead it compliments it! What can you play around with, you ask? The one fruit you look forward to all year round - MANGOES! 

It’s summer time which makes it the perfect season for mangoes to shine. And I definitely belong to that category of people who make the most of this season by adding mangoes to everything and anything, seriously, I also include mangoes in my skin care routine. No kidding!

It’s no secret that fruits compliment cocktails very well and this recipe is proof that mangoes go with literally anything! 

Turn your Whisky Sour into a flavour of the month cocktail that you’d definitely want to serve at the next house party. Seriously, it’s that easy to make! Let’s get started.

150 ml Singleton Whisky
¾ cup mango juice (blended)
½ cup lime juice
½ cup lemon juice
Ice cubes
Mint leaves

Blend the mangoes into a smooth puree and add whisky, lime juice and lemon juice. 
Use a cocktail shaker to mix this concoction with lots of ice.
Pour into a glass and garnish with mint leaves. You can also use mango pieces or a lime slice for garnishing if you please. 

Now Whisky Sour Tastes Even Better With A Mango Twist

I can’t wait to give this recipe a try, how about you?

*Drink responsibly!