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Because there’s so much more to ice than simply cooling your drink

The classic Gin & Tonic is a cocktail made of 4 important elements – the gin, the tonic, the garnish and the ice. Now you probably already know that the first three elements can be customised as per your preference and taste, but did you know you could do the same with ice too?

During my recent visit to Toast & Tonic, a gin bar in BKC, Mumbai, I discovered that when it comes to the ice in a Gin & Tonic, it’s not just a frozen block of water. Apart from allowing you to pick from their range of gins and flavoured tonic waters, they also served their G&Ts with a bunch of flavour infused ice cubes to match the drink’s profile. 

 My “Herbalist” cocktail made of Tanqueray gin and basil and orange tonic, was served with coriander and orange infused ice. This left the drink with a soothing fragrance that you could smell even before sipping on the drink.


What I’m trying to say is that ice cubes are no longer just used to cool your drink, they have become a lot more functional. Think of flavoured ice cubes like the jewellery to your drink, they definitely look like artwork and come with a personality that gives your cocktail a whole new charm. This way even when the ice in your cocktail begins to melt, it does not simply water down the drink but leaves it with a changed flavour that’s just as appealing.


The best part is that these ice cubes are so easy to make. All you have to do is chop the ingredients, put them into the ice cube tray, add water and freeze!

Here are some popular infusions to add to your Gin & Tonic ice.

Ripe, red and delicious, this fruit infused ice not only tastes amazing but looks divine too. Chop some fresh strawberries and add them to an ice tray. Use about one to two small slices each and then fill it up with water. Then freeze and you’re done!


How about some fruit and spice with this apple-cinnamon flavour infused ice? Add apple to the ice tray and sprinkle some cinnamon before you add the water. These cubes are sure to add an extra flavourful kick to your drink. 

Lavender has a soothing essence to it. Now imagine infusing your it in a relaxing glass of Gin & Tonic. If that isn’t a feel-good combination then I don’t know what is. To make these ice cubes, you have to boil dried lavender and then add it to your ice tray. You can even add basil to the mix for a bolder flavour.


Orange-Coriander, Rose Petal-Cucumber, Lemon-Raspberry-Mint
Here’s an interesting mix of sweet and savoury combos that will add a unique twist of flavour to your Gin & Tonic. You can create your own versions of the infusion. Just hit the supermarket and pick your flavours. The rest of the freezing process remains the same.

How’s that for a lesson in mixology today? These ice cubes will turn your otherwise mundane ingredient into a flavourful delight. So, start enjoying gin cocktails with these fun ice cubes.  
*Drink Responsibly!