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3y ago

Unusual Ingredients Used In Cocktails By Indian Bartenders

Neha D'Souza
Going beyond bitters!

The cocktail culture has been evolving in India, but some exotic bitters are not available here. So, the Indian bartenders experiment with the locally available ingredients and I must say that it is refreshing to the palate. Can you take a guess what the ‘unusual ingredients’ might be? Well, let me reveal them to you.

1. This cocktail has a duck in it!
Yep. Here’s a cocktail with duck in it. This is done by using a technique called ‘fat-wash which adds savoury flavours to the spirit. How do you fat-wash your alcohol? Well, you need to add duck fat with some butter to the alcohol kept at room temperature, shake it well and let it sit for a few hours. Then, place the jar in the freezer until the fat solidifies.
Once it's done, scrape the fat out. Strain the fat-washed spirit with a cheesecloth and pour it in a bottle. Then you can add 5 spice liqueur, Hoisin sauce, Black bean bitters to the fat-washed whisky and garnish it with Szechuan pepper.

BlackLabelOldFashioned (1).jpg

2.  The bacon beckons!
Who doesn’t love bacon? Apparently it’s in cocktails now too! Bacon-inspired cocktails are all the rage these days and Indian bartenders have totally caught onto the bacon trend. Infusing liquors with meat could create a whole new world of cocktails. If you have not tried one yet, you must! You can try making the classic old fashioned with the bacon twist. All you need is bacon-infused whisky, angostura bitters, maple syrup, and sugar cube.

brunch 33 (1).png

3. Peas be with you
Here’s an interesting twist to whisky sour with the most common ingredient found in the kitchen, peas. Apparently, matar not only goes well with paneer but with whisky too! This concoction is a blend of whisky infused with green peas, egg white, lime juice and simple syrup.

FullSizeRender-1-1 (1).jpeg

Now that you know what the bartenders experiment with, it’s time you give it a try too!

*Drink Responsibly!