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Our in-house expert tells you how to make the perfect whisky sour.

I might have discovered the Whisky Sour cocktail recently, but this classic has been around on bar menus for over 150 years! There must be something special about it, if it’s still such a preferred sip among cocktail-ers, right?

From the outside, the whisky sour recipe seems like a simple combination of whisky + sugar water + lemon juice + egg white.

Bartenders have experimented with several variations of this drink which has given it an evolved taste today. But, ultimately the overall flavour of the drink is going to depend on one constant: the whisky you choose.

We spoke to our in-house alcohol expert and Brand Ambassador Reserve Portfolio at Diageo- Zachary Abbott about the best whisky for whisky sour when he’s making one for himself.
And here’s what he told us!

The Perfect Whisky Sour
The whisky sour is perfect when egg white is used. The creamy and silky texture carries not only the wonderful balance of citrus and sweet notes across the palate but also of the whisky you pick.

What Is The Best Whisky For Whisky Sour?
If you’ve never tried a whisky from Islay, it’s worth trying one. The citrus and sugar cut the whisky significantly and provides for a wonderful smoky and citrus paired experience.
For such reasons, the Lagavulin 16 is a great pick.

Image Credit: PR Newswire  

This perfectly balanced and extensively aged whisky provides the flavours of the Islay region better than any other whisky.  Its deep notes of mature sherry and creamy vanilla pair with an almost Lapsang Souchong tea smoke notes that provide a long and spicy finish of dates and vanilla.

Sounds impressive doesn’t it? Try this whisky sour recipe concocted by Zachary using Lagavulin 16.

50ml Lagavulin 16
20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
20ml demerara sugar syrup (1:1 ratio)
2 drops orange blossom water  
1 dash aromatic bitters
20ml egg white

Shake hard without ice and then again with ice. 
Pour over a large block of ice in an old fashioned glass.
Garnish with a flamed orange zest that’s wiped around the lip of the glass.

whisky sour

The spice finish of this whisky makes for a lovely sour cocktail.

*Drink Responsibly!