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Grab the best whisky drams at these whisky bars around the country.

Whisky on your mind?  

Don’t just step into the next watering hole to get your fix of that dark dram. We’ve scoured for the best whisky bars across the country so that you can get your hands on some of the rarest and premium drinks.

Apart from their fabulous collection, these bars are styled to create just the perfect atmosphere to sip on this spirit with your whisky-loving squad. Make a weekend plan already!

Bar 101, JW Marriott, Pune
Tucked inside the JW Marriott, Pune, Bar 101 will transport you to a Scottish country estate with its comfy mahogany leather sofas, dark wood panelling and elegant décor. This is the only bar in India with the prestigious Gold certification by the whisky bars of the world. Bar 101 has a massive selection of 101 (that’s why the name) global whiskies. These include some rare names and even the award-winning Johnnie Walker King George V. 

We GOAT Your back: The huge glass cabinet displays that hold whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Japan. 

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Highland Nectar, ITC Gardenia Bengaluru
Walk into the lobby of the ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru to stumble on a unique whisky experience. The Highland Nectar is themed as a ‘Malt Vault’ that hosts an exquisite collection of premium whiskies and single malts. But that’s not all! It is flanked by a one-of-a-kind Whisky Museum and Library with a tasting kit and collectors’ items. 

We GOAT Your back: The collection of carefully curated artefacts that take you on a whisky trail while you sip on your choice of luxury whisky. 

Whisky Lovers Unite At These Top Whisky Bars Across India

The Junction, Taj Bengal Hotel, Kolkata
Step into The Junction to raise a toast to some of the finest whiskies out there. They have a well-stocked bar with rare finds from every part of the Scotch nation (Scotland) that include the Lowlands, Islay, Skye, Highlands and Speyside. Another unique thing about this bar is its railway-themed décor. It has mock-up locomotives and old railway maps on the wall. Are you getting that retro feels yet? 

We GOAT Your back: The dark upholstery and plush carpets that give it a vintage charm. 

Whisky Lovers Unite At These Top Whisky Bars Across India

Harbour Bar, Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai
Every city has an iconic bar that captures the mood and reflects the heritage of that place. For Mumbai, it’s the Harbour Bar in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. This is Mumbai’s first licensed lounge bar. It boasts of an extensive whisky selection and an excellent malt collection. The cosy ambience and intimate seating of this place makes for the perfect setting to indulge in luxury spirits.

We GOAT Your back: The Smoking Martini which is a concoction of Smirnoff black, vermouth and a dash of whisky. 
Whisky Lovers Unite At These Top Whisky Bars Across India

Whiskey Samba, Gurugram
If the name hasn’t already given it away, this is a bar that offers a wide range of whiskies. What really stands out is the way they have systematically categorised their spirits. From classic malts like Talisker 10Y.O to aperitif whiskies like the Singleton 12Y.O and limited-edition whiskies like the Johnnie Walker XR 21, they have something that will impress everyone. 

We GOAT Your back: The whiskies that have been segregated as per type, palates and flavours. 

Whisky Lovers Unite At These Top Whisky Bars Across India

All you whisky connoisseurs, how many of these bars have you been to already? Add them to your bucket list now! 

*Drink Responsibly!

Image Credits: TajHotels, ITCHotels, WorldsBestBars