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Find out if they’re worth mooching off on your friend’s Netflix/Amazon Prime account.

They say too much of anything is bad for you. But what about comedy?

Could too many jokes be bad for you? Well, we don’t know that for sure, but we do know that a bad joke in general isn’t the best thing for you.

The point I’m trying to make is that there’s tons of comedy content out there with stand-up specials by international and Indian artists. Some of them are a hit and some definitely worth a miss. 

We’ve sieved through these shows for you, so that you don’t have to sit through the agonising humour and jump straight to the big laughs.

Vir Das - Losing It, Netflix
Vir Das’ comedy crosses borders and walls and dives deep into the hearts of international audiences. His stand-up special showcases the funnier side of India with humour relevant to the desi and crowd.
Laughter Meter: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Kanan Gill – Keep It Real, Amazon Prime
Trust Kanan Gill to keep it real and keep it funny. He brings out the comedy in real life situations. Kanan gets a thumbs -up for relatable content. 
Laughter Meter: Ha Ha Ha Ha H…

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Nishant Tanwar - Dilli Se Hoon B*@#^*@~D, Amazon Prime
If you like your humour with a dash of Delhi-ness, Nishant Tanwar is your guy. He talks about the city’s unique culture, quirks and stereotype with a halka halka swag. This stand-up will make you go, “haan bhai, baat toh sahi hain”.
Laughter Meter: Ha Ha Ha

Zakir Hussain - Haq Se Single, Amazon Prime
Are you a Sakht Launda with a tragic love life? So is Zakhi Hussain, and he uses the same tragedy to make humour. He’s one of the top-rated Hindi-speaking comedians with a penchant for story-telling, shayaris and anecdotes that will leave you LOLing. 
Laughter Meter: Ha Ha Ha Ha 

Arvind SA - Madrasi Da, Amazon Prime
Aiyyo, how dare you laugh at South Indian stereotypes! Well, it’s kind of hard not to when Arvind SA aka Madrasi Da paints such a funny picture of it. From South Indian parents to education and marriages, he breaks down every stereotype for you, only to make new ones. 
Laughter Meter: Ha Ha Ha

Atul Khatri - Comedians Of The World, Netflix
Mid-life crisis can be funny if you see it through the eyes of a man going through it. Atul Khatri is like every Indian papa ever who talks about the traumas of being “old and wise”. 
Laughter Meter: Ha Ha Ha H...

If your funny bone is tired of being lightly grazed and is in dire need of some hard core tickling, give these stand-up specials a shot.