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Stand-up comedy has seen a rapid rise over the past recent years. Thank God for YouTube, comedians can now upload their quirks for everyone to laugh out loud. 
So, in case you’re in need of some laughs to help you survive the week, scroll down and check out some of the best bits of stand-up comedy.
Aao LOL Karo!
1. Aravind SA
Aravind is the king of breaking down stereotypes about Chennai. His South-Indian accent is the cherry on top of the cake, making his comical acts every bit hilarious. 
He helps break down the real meaning of the song Lungi Dance. Not just that, he also reveals why Tamilians do not like speaking in Hindi. Ouch!
You need to watch ‘Madrasi Da’ right now, if you haven’t yet! 

2. Zakir Khan
Zakir has managed to capture the attention of the middle-class small towners into his huge fan base. His top best performance till date has to be ‘Sakht Launda’ and it still cracks us up.  

3. Karunesh Talwar 
Blunt, Badass and bold! Karunesh Talwar knows how to hit you hard in the gut with his sassy comedy. Don’t miss out this one for sure! 
His quirk on a Masterchef contestant who made ‘bhajiyas’ on the show, is so hilarious, we bet you’ll be on the floor rolling with laughter. 

4. Kunal Kamra
Kunal maybe known for his controversial comedy that lands him in hot water, but his take on Bombay and Indore is every bit funny. Don’t get us wrong, but his love for both the cities is endless. 

5. Biswa Kalyan Rath
One half of the ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ duo, Biswa needs no introduction. He may have gained recognition with the funny reviews but his solo act helped him gain wider success. 
If you haven’t watched his bit on English and reproduction, here’s a heads up - in India, English is directly proportional to your chances of reproduction. 

6. Abhishek Upmanyu
Did you know we are taught to respect our elders from our childhood, but no one told us why? Well, Abhishek talks about those conversations we have with our parents and how they leave us with many more questions. 

7. Kenny Sebastian
Haven’t we all grown up hearing about absurd superstitions. Yes, Kenny breaks down all those Indian superstitions about ‘Nazar’ and ‘Touchwood’.