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4y ago

How These Professionals At Diageo Are Maintaining A #BalanceForBetter

All work and no passion can make anyone a dull person.

Finding a balance between the two is the key to living a better life. For the International Women’s Day 2019, we asked the Diageo team how they maintain this #BalanceForBetter and this is what they told us. Take inspiration or cues, because this is a formula that works!  

Meghana Balaji, Manager - Key Accounts Customer Marketing 
“I wanted to share my love for the times when you only owned one pair of jeans, or wore your shoes until the soles ran out, when everything you owned meant something to you. The ODD Store is a curated collection of vintage collectibles; little capsules that transport you to another world. Every object we sell on the store has a story, a memory, a little something that will be your personal time machine.  

I wanted to accomplish something outside of my day job, but I still wanted to be fully committed to my work. A passion project seemed a great way to have the best of both worlds. ODD invigorates me, it gives me something to lookforwardto, and adds a dimension that didn’t exist before. It gives me purpose, I feel very present in every moment and that sense of joy has clearly translated into my day job and my interactions at the work place. ODD gives me a sense of belonging and community. It just helps me feel connected. Like I am making a real difference to people’s lives. I find that’s immensely gratifying. I do find myself hesitating to sell some particularly rare and beautiful objects, but ODD’s core purpose is to spread joy. I’ve always liked the idea of designing a life that works for me, I think that’s a good space to begin from.”



Vishal Desai, Region KA & Luxury Banquets, Head of Sales

Vishal Desai, Region KA & Luxury Banquets, Head of Sales at Diageo knows how to strike the right balance between professional and private life. He spoke to us as a part of the Inclusivity Week at Diageo and shared his views on #BalanceForBetter. 

"The most important thing in life is passion. Without it, you can never be focused on your job. When you have passion, responsibilities don't look like responsibilities anymore. Building a bridge between responsibilities and passion leads to a better balance between professional and private life. Dividing your time between your profession and your passion is the key to a harmonious lifestyle.”
When I'm on a trail with my friend’s off-roading through muddy roads, we find ourselves getting stuck at times. We pull out a wire and get out of that jam. It's these little things in life that show you how you can cross any hurdle that's in your way. A great attitude towards life is how you can achieve 'balance for better'.



Charnelle Martins, Assistant Manager - Research & Development (R&D)

“Between attending school and college and squeezing in time to participate in extra-curricular activities, having this balance started out young. Unsurprisingly it seeped into my work life as well. This balance is something I wanted in my life, it does require continuous effort, but it is worth it! 

For me, having this balance is essential to live a happy, healthy life. I started my blog after having quite a stressful week at work, ideas clicked, I began writing and never stopped! I think it’s important to pursue passions that are beyond work as it makes me happy and gives me a creative outlet that helps bring back the positive energy to keep me going. 

I feel planning my time has helped me a lot. I make sure to plan my week in advance ensuring to schedule in time for writing, attending events and spending time with family. In this way I know that after a long day at work I have something fun to look forward to as well. As a writer, I have had the opportunity to attend a lot of events and interact with so many people and understand why they drink what they drink, which in turn sparks up ideas that often turn into blogs. 

Play to your strengths, prioritise your time, schedule in some personal time and stick to the plan!“


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