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We're rooting for these heroes!


If we ask you to name two of the most popular sportspersons, who would you think of? The first few names to cross your mind might be Sachin Tendulkar, Usain Bolt or Cristiano Ronaldo, right? 
The world has been obsessing about sports stars like them for years. For good reasons, we agree, but it’s been decades that we’ve been chanting the same names. It’s time we give the new lot the appreciation that they rightly deserve. 
The last few years alone have seen so many sports people, both men and women break records and rise to fame. So, we thought why not give them their due credit. 
If you’re really looking for a sports star of our times to root for, here are a few names that have already made their mark. 

Mithali Raj
You can’t talk about cricket in 2019 without mentioning Mithali Raj, the captain of the Indian Women's Cricket Team. She has not only achieved great feats in women’s cricket but also cricket in general. In 2018, she became the highest run scorer for India in T-20 cricket, surpassing her male counterparts like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. She is also the only woman player to have scored seven consecutives half centuries in ODI cricket. Now doesn’t she seem like the ideal sports star to make it to your list of favourites? 


And, that’s not it, she might be one of the few women to play alongside the men’s team soon. Royal Challenge Sports Drink brings to you a never-before seen T-20 match that will feature both, the men and women of cricket together in the same match. This #ChallengeAccepted campaign strives to break stereotypes and prove that men and women are equal whether it’s on field or off field. Read all about it here and check out how you can make this happen. 

Sunil Chhetri 
In a nation obsessed with cricket, Sunil Chhetri managed to turn all eyeballs to Indian football. But he’s not just a sports superstar in the country, this ace footballer is in the league of international players too. He is currently the second highest international goal scorer among active players. He is only a few goals short of reaching Cristiano Ronaldo who is currently leading with the most number of goals. Good enough of a reason to hang up a Sunil Chhetri poster along with all your other favourite footballers, right? 


Hima Das
Hima Das is also nicknamed the “Dhing Express”. Can you guess why? Because that’s how fast-paced she is on the track. The 19-year old made headlines after she became India's first ever woman track-and-field world champion under-20. Apart from that, she has won one gold and two silver medals at the Asian Games. Such achievements, and she’s only 19 years right now. We can’t wait to see how she sprints her way to further victory. 

India Today​

Neeraj Chopra
Another highly-Googled athlete, Neeraj Chopra was the talk of the town when he won four gold medals in 2018. He became the first Indian javelin thrower to claim a gold at the Commonwealth Games with a throw of 86.47m. He later broke his own record with a throw of 88.06m and became the first Indian javelin-thrower to win an Asian Games gold medal too. His next goal is to win some precious metal at the Tokyo Olympic in 2020 and we can’t stop rooting for this young sports star. 

The Indian Express

Harmanpreet Kaur 
When talking about breaking boundaries and setting record scores, how could we not mention the cricketing genius, Harmanpreet Kaur. In a World Cup semi-final, she scored a remarkable 171 runs off 115 balls and helped India win against Australia. How often do we see such cricket scores! Only about three times before, to be precise. The score by Kaur was the third highest World Cup score ever achieved. Impressive, eh?

The Cricket Monthly

How’s that for a whole new bunch of upcoming and spectacular sports stars to watch out for? Tell us which among them have already won your hearts.