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Want to know how she's like IRL? Read on!
From studying engineering to having a 9-5 job and now finally being a comedian, Prashasti Singh has come a long way. This rib-tickling comedian makes us believe that everything in life can be funny if we have the “funny-bone” for it. 
Want to know what this comical lady is like when she’s off stage? LiveInStyle team got in touch with her for an interview and guess what Prashasti every bit is funny in real just like when she’s on stage. 
1. What was it like when you were about to get on stage for the first time?
“It was scary. I thought I wouldn't survive 2 mins. It was a ladies open mic and I was not even registered for it. I was there to support my friends when they literally pushed me on stage. I performed for 5 minutes where I told a story I would tell at parties. Hearing the audience laugh in response was surreal. I was so kicked after that performance that I knew I had to get back on  stage for more.” 
2. What are some challenges that you faced while transitioning into this field?
“Primary challenge for me was financial security. I had to wait till Comedy became financially viable for me before I could think of resigning from my job. Even after that, not knowing where your next paycheck is going to come from can be quite unnerving for someone like me who has never freelanced before. 
Another lesson that I learnt was to be my own boss. I had to go through the process of cultivating the discipline to get up, work and hustle every day. These are essential in this field and is something I am still adapting to on the way.”
3. Is there a prep ritual you follow before you take the stage?
    “I try to roughly go over my set about half an hour before the performance. In the immediate 20-30 minutes before the performance, I try to relax and enjoy the show.”
4. As a female comedian, what difficulties have you faced?
“My challenges as a female were more personal. My first open mic was a ladies open mic with an all-female line up and a largely female audience. That's a very warm and accepting environment when you are going to risk making a complete fool of yourself on stage.
I had to get over my own inhibitions in presenting myself as less than perfect in front of anyone. I had to get comfortable in saying certain things on stage without raising eyebrows in my family. I had to stop questioning my own 'funniness' all the time because of how society had conditioned me.” 
5. Can you share with us some tips that you have picked up on the way being a comedian?
“Be as 'present' as possible on stage. The connection that you make with the stage and audience is something else when you are able to shut the noise at the back of your head and are fully there in that moment.”
6. If there’s one thing you can tell your younger self, what would be it?
“I would tell my younger self to take herself a little less seriously.” 
7. What’s next for Prashasti?
“I am working towards writing better and sharper jokes. I am also working towards performing longer sets and learning to hold the audience for an hour or more. You can expect to see more of me online with my stand-up clips and some collaborations. “
Well, if you love Prashasti Singh and she gets you “LOL-ing” away then watch out for more of her upcoming shows in your city.