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Because everyone else leaves. But cats lovingly stick around to destroy your sofa and furniture forever.

You already know of Rohan Joshi, the comedian but do you know of Rohan Joshi, the cat dad?

Scroll through his Instagram account and you’ll realise, his cats have not only taken over his house, life and jokes but also his Instagram page (in a good way of course). And, they continue to spread the love to all his followers.

His cats are called Arya and Louie and they’re both a dashing duo of abundant adorableness!

Check out Joshi and his pussycats being cute, quirky and goofy on his Instagram page.

Be warned, this will either make you go “awwwww” or “Lol”.

Does Louie have your attention yet? 


Meet Arya, the perfect bundle of cuddle to wake up to. 


Look who decided to play peek a boo. 


Cat on your mind?


Together in happiness and hunger. 


Catwoman does not like Mr Joker.


Who did it better?


Whoever thought this was a bookshelf, you’re wrong! 


Bow down to me, hooman!

Really gets you wondering who’s funnier, Rohan or his cats, right?  

Well, find out the answer, at the Black Dog Packaged Water Easy Evenings. Catch Rohan Joshi crack a joke or two about his cats and all other things nice on the 11th of October at Molecule Gastro Air Bar in Chandigarh. 

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