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All my yaars need to take yaari lessons from him

Vicky Kaushal might be a badass hunk onscreen but offscreen, he’s just a goofy guy with a chillax attitude showing you what #FriendshipGoals look like. Follow @vickykaushal09 on Instagram and you’ll be charmed by his constant adoration for his friends. 

What I’m saying is, he’s that one yaar we all deserve in our lives.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s actual proof, straight from his Instagram page.

1. His hugs scream “you matter to me”
This Punjabi Munda is all about the jadoo ki jhappi. None of those half-hearted, touch and go kind of hugs. Vicky’s hugs are friendly, warm and tight, and will leave you feeling special. 

Here’s him at his bromantic best going for another friendly embrace.

Doesn’t he look like a person who’ll convert a non-hugger? Because, consider me converted. 

2. His laughter is infectious
If laughter is the best therapy, Vicky is your shrink on speed dial. He’s the kind of guy who’ll laugh with you, at you and will make sure you burst into a hassi spree with him.

Look at him spreading giggles like wildfire. We could use a little of that in our lives right now!

3. He’s the most fun part of a party  
This self-acclaimed ‘black belt in baraati dance’ is the friend you need when you feel like shaking a leg. Shaadi, sangeet, birthday party or an impromptu happy dance, he’s your man.

4. He’s the kind of dost that brings out the josh in you
This mast aadmi’s radiating personality will make you feel like a million dollars. His confidence, achievements and attitude towards life will inspire you to achieve big too.

And now, he’s the face of McDowell’s!
If you’ve followed Vicky’s McDowell’s yaari story, you’ll know, it was his friends who asked him to follow his passion to become an actor and not get caught up in a regular 9am-5pm job. That’s where it all began, and today, he’s a leading Bollywood actor.

“I am because of us. ❤️” – Vicky Kaushal

Kaash sab ke aise yaar hote!