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Fizz It Up Here are five tonic waters to elevate your GT

Fizz It Up Here are five tonic waters to elevate your G&T

Saying Gin’s made a comeback would be a huge understatement. It is now definitely the toast of the town and G&T’s in particular have really taken off. Tonic water is a vital mixer to have in any home bar seeing as its one half of the popular drink. It’s bubbly, lightly sweet and bitter at the same time making it the perfect mixer. It’s more than soda water because of an intriguing ingredient that adds nuance to its flavour, quinine.  Taken from the bark of a cinchona tree, it’s quinine that provides that familiar bitter flavour to tonic water. It didn't take long for people to realise that it matched perfectly with gin, in fact the invention of the gin and tonic coincided with the availability of tonic water in the 1850’s. With the world wide revival of gin, the premium tonic revolution is here as well. A wide range of premium tonic water has now hit the market and it's important to make the right decision when selecting one. Here is a look at a few of the best options to help you elevate your G&T game. 


Fever tree:

Fever tree

Inspired by the cinchona tree(fever tree) from which quinine is drawn from, Fever Tree makes a quality tonic water. The quinine used is sourced directly from the republic of congo and Intense carbonation levels are used to ensure the botanical aromas and natural sweeteners are prominent when drinking 



One of India’s first indigenous tonic water brands, Svami aims to inspire and awe you through their variety of quirky flavours some of which you probably never heard of. 



Sourced from adventures at sea, Bengal Bay explores a tasteful blend of organic and indigenous botanicals. It makes a great drink every time as it is crafted in small batches and free of any artificial flavouring or preservatives on top of which a single serve has only 35 calories. 

Sepoy and Co.:


Drawing inspiration from across the globe, Sepoy and Co. have created a premium mixer that they can be really proud of. It can be described as a low sugar botanical mix of the finest oils and flavours and a range that is crafted with discipline and intention. 

Q tonic water:


Q Tonic Water is one of the most popular tonic waters in America. At only 35 calories per 6-ounce bottle, it’s on the healthier end of the tonic water spectrum. It’s made with real quinine sourced from Peru as well as organic agave. This tonic water is also highly carbonated to keep your drink fizzy for longer.  


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