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A little bit of sweet, a little bit of sour but wholly ours!

No matter where you have come from, you'll either love Mumbai or just won't see what's so great about it. There's no in-between. But whichever side you may belong to, there's no denying that there are some things that every Mumbaikar can relate to.
Let’s see if you too can relate to these typical Mumbaiya things?

Chakala chaloge, bhaiya?
The auto guys here, prepare you for life. Yep, they just give you hope and reject. Especially areas like Saki Naka, Chakala and Andheri East in general. There is hardly ever a day where you can get an auto without at least 10 auto walas turning you down first. Seriously, chaahte kya hai yeh?! *cries* 


You value your vada pav wala more than your neighbour
Vada pav is your staple diet. You have your favourite adda where you hang out with your yaars all the time over gup-shup along with garma garam cutting chai. 


Darr k aage jeet hai, Dadar ke aage seat hai!
Admit it. You’ve heard this phrase or have used this phrase at least once in your daily commute in Mumbai locals. Fourth seat bhi mil jaaye toh your day is made. Hai naa?


Potholes have become a way of life
Thanks to Mumbai ki baarish, every year this city is dotted with potholes at every street. You blame the authorities. You swear. You move on. The story repeats itself again the next year.


Anything further than Bandra is too far
If you are a SOBO (South Bombay) girl, traveling to Andheri or further in the suburbs becomes too much of a stretch. You aren’t prepared for those long hours of travelling. 

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Khau galli zindabad for all your midnight cravings
You don’t have to scavenge for food in your fridge when hunger strikes. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, remember? All you have to do is head out, be it for shawarmas at Bade Miya Chhote Miya or sandwiches and milkshakes at Amar Juice Centre.  

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You have a separate Mumbaiya dialect that you are proud of 
Some of the words you frequently use include ‘vaat lag gayi’, ‘dimaag ka dahi’, ‘dedh shana’… and the list goes on.


Fashion Street is your wardrobe
Delhi may have its Chandni Chowk and Sarojini Market, we too have our Fashion Street, Colaba Causeway, Linking Road and Lokhandwala market to give big brands a run for their money.


Bollywood is Bombay. Bombay is Bollywood
All the stars of Bollywood are here. You feel a deeper connection to the world of cinema than any other. 

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Bun Maska has your breakfast scenes sorted 
You make it a point to visit the Irani café with your friends for your regular bun maska and sweet chai that feel like a match made in heaven. 

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You have plenty of weekend escapade options
The weekend is here? Chalo Lonavala chale! There are so many places you can visit like Alibag, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, and more.

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Marine Drive is your go-to place to drive the blues away
Feeling blue? There is no better place than Marine Drive to cheer yourself a little. You know you de-stress at the sound of waves crashing at the rocks. It’s like music to your ears. 


So, yes, these are my favourite flavours of Amchi Mumbai. What’s yours?