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4y ago

5 Pet-Friendly Cafes In Your City Where You Can Have Long Dates With Your Pooch

These are so paw-some!

If I had to pick between my partner and my aww-dorable dog, I’d pick my little pup a million times over. Such is our wonderful relationship, that someone might as well just turn our love into a hit show. The only sad point in this love story is that I can never take my dog for special outings because the lack of good pet-friendly eateries in our country is astounding. I mean, I can’t even imagine leaving behind my cute pupper Buzzo and go out to grab a bite with my friends. That’s just a recipe for heartbreak! So after some extensive research, I’ve compiled a list of all pet-friendly cafes for myself and you guys (because I am nice like that). Read on, and I’m sure you’ll be thanking me in the comments.

1. Throttle Shottle, Gurgaon
How often have you heard of a cafe that not only welcomes dogs but also serves up amazing meals for them to feast on? Throttle Shottle in Gurgaon is one such cafe. The in-house chef there is trained to cook for dogs. So depending upon your dog’s preference, the chef will cook up a storm in the kitchen and dish out the best food for your four-legged friend. It’s bon appetit for your doggo!

5 Pet-Friendly Cafes In Your City Where You Can Have Long Dates With Your Pooch


2. Puppychino, Delhi

If you live in Delhi, chances are that you've already heard of this cafe and the sheer love their owners have for pooches! Not only do they have a separate menu for humans and dogs, they also have a special play area with treats. If there’s a heaven on earth for your dog, it'd be this place!

5 Pet-Friendly Cafes In Your City Where You Can Have Long Dates With Your Pooch


3. Mutt Hut, Mumbai

This cafe has a quirky sign, ‘Humans Allowed,’ which only goes to show that it is one place that’s been tailor-made for our furry friends. Started by two sisters with the mission to help people spend time with their pooches, this cafe not only organizes doggie dates but also grooms them! I could never land myself a date. Good to know that at least my dog could have one. *Sobs*



4. Sunny’s, Bangalore

Oh, my! Now here’s a place that my Buzzo would adore. Cheerful waiters, lovely ambience and an adorable patio for your four-legged-pooch to lounge around in, this cafe can’t get any more awesome. 



5. Crimson Chakra, Chennai

While most cafes segregate humans and dogs and assign them separate spaces, this cafe is the much-needed exception! Crimson Chakra allows you to hang out with your pets in the same premises. You could leash them or play with them - all this while having some really fancy food! Isn’t it perfect?


Now, these are some amazing cafes! I don’t know about you, but I’m already convinced that these are nothing short of heaven on earth for my furry friends. So what are you waiting for? Head over to these cafes and give your doggos their much needed play-time! 

Credits: Little Black Book, Gobble Diaries & Indiatimes