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Savour the pause - aamchi mumbai style!

Mumbaaiiii Meri Jaan!
It is legit the city that never sleeps! Although, I really think it should because thoda bahut break toh sabko chahiye! From driving on the sea link while the cool wind blows your hair to having brunch with your gal pals, you’ll just simply fall in love with the city. 

But hey, before you become Hrithik Roshan from ZNMD, you need to know the right places to actually take a break, unwind and have fun! 

Wondering what these are? Then, here’s a list of things you can do and some of the best places you can go like a true Mumbaikar! 

1. Heritage Tour Walk Around Colaba-Fort-Churchgate 
Hop on to the next Churchgate local and head to Colaba for a heritage tour walk. Start from Gateway, take in the majestic view of this colonial heritage, then head to Colaba Causeway for some street shopping. You will find some very fancy restaurants bustling with life and lights. Try Jimmy Boy if you want to enjoy some legit parsi food that you’ll talk about for days! 

Want to experience how Mumbai used to be? Sit at Leopold and order a coffee while witnessing the beauty that Mumbai is! While you’re at it, you must absolutely visit Cafe Mondegars. It’s one of their classic restaurants that Mumbaikers oh-so-love!

Make a pit stop at one of them, sip on some Black Dog packaged water and marvel just how beautiful ‘bom-bae’ is! You will come across many old buildings, fountains that reek of history on your way to Churchgate that will make you feel as if you have transported to the olden times. You can end your walk at Marine Drive for some fresh time! 

5 Things You Can Do In Mumbai To Unwind

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2. Shopping Time Matlab Hill Road Time 
Hill Road market is like the Janpat of Mumbai. You shop here and trust me, your paisa will be ‘vasool-ed’. Beautiful clothes, cheap prices and a lot of options, isn’t this the best kind of retail therapy that online shopping cannot get you? You can even walk ahead and see how beautiful St. Peter’s church looks when the sun is setting or have brunch at La Folie Lab, a chic food joint that everyone in Mumbai should visit

5 Things You Can Do In Mumbai To Unwind


3. Get In On That Bakery Culture At Bandra 
If you’re new to Mumbai, just like me, and trying hard to adjust, just like me (again) then you should try doing things their way. Wake up early and head to Bandra because they have some of the best bakeries to try out! You have got to visit A1 bakery because they are known to serve some really delish chicken cutlet at 5 o’clock in the morning!

When you’re done with A1, you can also try American Express Bakery that stands tall since the 1900s! Their cheese croissant is a must, have it once and feel as if you’re in Paris having some decadent dessert! 

Be it A1 or American Express Bakery, get yourself a muffin and a freshly brewed coffee and savour the pause! 

5 Things You Can Do In Mumbai To Unwind

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4. Have You Dined In A Floatel? 
Want to take a break after a long day and don’t want to do the usuals? Then, dine at a floatel! With the iconic view of the Gateway of India in front of you and the beautiful sea next to it, wouldn’t you just want to stay there forever? 

5 Things You Can Do In Mumbai To Unwind


5. How About Some Snake And Lattes? 
There are a few game cafes here that you can visit once in a while if you really want to have a good time. Especially when it’s the Creeda Board Game Cafe. Then, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun! And, you know why? Because they have 200 board games for you to play! I don’t know about you but I am already confused about which one to start with! 

5 Things You Can Do In Mumbai To Unwind


So, the next time you feel like you really want to savour the pause then you know just where to go!