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T’is the season to be a foodie!

Love food? Me too. And the good news is that the month of October is here and it’s full of food holidays! Giving us more reasons to eat and celebrate food. Yep. December is out of my list. I think I'm in love with October.

October 6 - Noodle Day

Noodle ek, roop anek! Yep. At least, in India noodles is the equivalent of a potato. We can add it in soup, toss with some schezwan or add some masalas and veggies to it. Noodles are so versatile, don’t you agree? My personal favourite is noodle soup. After a long day at work, a cup of noodles feels like a hug. So, how do you plan to have your noodles this day?


October 11 - Egg Day
Okay, tell me honestly, do you really care which came first. The chicken or the egg? We think too much about this ande ka funda. Just go ahead and eat it already! Make some egg biryani or bhurji or an omelette for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Literally, anytime of the day! Eggs have been there for you and continue to be there when you need a quick fix to calm your hunger pangs. Time to celebrate it.


October 14 - Dessert Day

Desserts make everything better! Do we agree? Or do we agree?
Got a papercut? Have an Ice-cream.
Missed a train? Buy yourself a chocolate.
Got a promotion? Time for some doughnuts! 
Want to celebrate dessert day? Binge on some desserts! 
You see, we never run out of reasons to have desserts.

Image Credits: Days of the year

October 18 - Chocolate Cupcake Day 
Chocolate makes the world go around. And chocolate cupcakes make your world go around twice! Shout out to all of you with a sweet tooth, looks like this is your lucky month. Cupcakes tend to sugarcoat everything! See what I did there? Buy yourself a cupcake and go on to celebrate this day.


October 22 - Nut Day
To love or NUT to love? Is never the question. Often we hear people say ‘Badam khao’ listen to them and pick a handful of it or add it to your kheer. Or better yet, have it as chakna with your Black and White whisky!

October 25 - World Pasta Day
Guess who does not care about their shape and size? Pasta! One might even say that they’re full of pasta-abilities. Ravioli, penne, spaghetti, fettuccine, macaroni and so on. So, go on and pick your favourite pasta and celebrate this day. 


Now that you know your food holidays, mark your calendars and get ready for the October FEAST.


*Drink Responsibly