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You can get drinks at any bar anywhere in the world, but what truly sets apart some of these locations is how they go above and beyond to offer you a fantastic experience – one that you won’t be able to wipe off from your memory that easily. 
We bring to you some of the best theme bars from around the world that are willing to commit to something crazy and fun just for you!

1. George’s Bar, Melbourne
If you are a Seinfeld fanatic, chances are you may already know about this bar. The theme is of course, ‘A Bar About Nothing'. Complete with answer-cards reading ‘Moops' and a ‘Big Salad' on the menu, the guys here know their Seinfeld in and out. There are also lots of interesting memorabilia, an Art Vandelay (double cheese) toastie that will make you go back and binge-watch the show pronto!
P.S. Jason Alexander himself has endorsed this bar on his Twitter profile. Now, that’s a biggie!

Best Theme Bars Around The World


2. Donny Dirk’s, Minneapolis
When ‘The Walking Dead’ becomes our global reality, this zombie-themed bar is where you can head to. Featuring zombie-killing weapons like spikes and chainsaws, the bar is guaranteed to be your safe place to grab a drink when a mutant bacteria infects the entire population on Earth or when a cure for an epidemic disease goes terribly wrong. 

Best Theme Bars Around The World

Scott Kenemore

3. The Lockhart, Toronto
If you are a Potterhead, you'll fall in love with the Lockhart bar which has come under the Potter spell with its own themed bar. It gets its name from the overbearing Professor Gilderoy Lockhart. Potter fans are in for an exciting time identifying the bar's many references to the books. Enjoy your fancy portions and elixirs because we bet you won’t be able to get enough.

Best Theme Bars Around The World


4. Lala’s Little Nugget, Austin
This unassuming bar stays unseasonably festive because it celebrates Christmas throughout the year. For whatever reason, the folks here decided to decorate for Christmas one year and then just never took them down. Little Nugget has been celebrating Christmas since 1972 with an adorned Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Santa Clause, rooftop reindeer, et al. 
Umm, our only question here is what do they really do on Christmas?

Best Theme Bars Around The World

Austin Eater

4. Bicicleta, Romania
If you are someone who loves to cycle, you’ll love it here. This environmental-friendly bar has bicycled-theme interiors. It uses recycled old parts to create innovative décor options. From bike pedal footrests to bike seat stools and bike handle coat racks, everything you see has been recycled and put to such great use, you will get stumped! 

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Have you been to any of these theme bars? Let us know your experience below.