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3y ago

(Bo)kan You Feel The Love Tonight!?

Delectable Dishes and Fascinating Cocktails, You Just Can't Get Enough

There is an inexplicable charm in being surrounded by warm colours as we head into winter. East of Kailash in South Delhi is probably one of the few places that will warm you despite the weather, if you find the right hangout spots to bring in the weekend! 
Bokan, nestled in the Community Centre, is the right spot to chill at. This place is everything- from cute seating and draped divans to an open-air deck, surrounded by a variety of house plants and vines. The vibes around here are so good, they’re refreshingly therapeutic.

With so much variety in just the seating arrangements, I had a feeling there was going to be a lot on the menu to choose from too. I dove right into the cocktail menu.

The Tales Of Bokan

Telling a story of its own, this whisky based cocktail uses Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve which is known for its honeyed accents and smokiness. The cocktail had the slightest hint of caramel, but it was mostly vermouth and the strong taste of the beautiful whisky that made each sip a polite nudge of acknowledgement to it’s smoothness. 


The Dreamcatcher

This is one of the prettiest cocktails I’ve ever been served. Vibrant and refreshing would be the best way to describe this stunner. Made with our favourite Smirnoff vodka, white wine, cranberry and orange, this cocktail was very smooth. It definitely gave off all the good vibes of a dreamcatcher! All in all, this one is a must try! 



So, we launched into the food menu to accompany the cocktails and complement the good vibes this place was already giving off!

The Veg Gourmet Pizza 

Bokan has a variety of delectable thin-crust pizzas to choose from. The Veg Gourmet pizza lived to its name and was a total win! Your favourite bell peppers, a thin but moist crust and the right amount of cheese to balance it all out without overpowering other ingredients. I think, this pizza is a fantastic option especially if you’re vegetarian. 


The Chicken Tikka Khaas

Delhi is one place where tikkas and Afghanis are run-of-the-mill. They can be locally made. But, this chicken tikka was so authentic, I understand and endorse it’s ‘khaas-ness.’  It was succulent, juicy, well-cooked, satisfactorily portioned and simply tasty. I caught myself saving the last piece for laters so I could have the taste linger a little longer. 


Bokan has jamming sessions over the weekend, a whole lot of greenery around the sitting areas, cute draped divans, and an open air deck. They serve amazing food and some really pretty cocktails you just got to sip on an easy-breezy weekend. 


Bokan is a pretty place and is quite modest about it. The food is fantastic, and the cocktails are delicious. The ‘Dreamcatcher’ is a must-try. The place is a pretty sight in the evenings when lit up with fairy-lights. Perfect spot to hang out with your gang of girls. 

Rate Card
Food: 4.5 out of 5
Drinks: 3.5 out of 5
Ambience: 4.5 out of 5
Staff: 3.5 out of 5
Value for money: 3.5 out of 5

*Drink Responsibly!