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All about yaari jam

Music makes everything better. I know, this is the most cliched line ever, but it’s true! Sometimes it grabs the essence of the soul, sometimes it makes you dance and often it lets you emote. It’s just like your friend - that friend who’s #BFF goals.
No.1 Yaari jam festival is a music festival where you celebrate yaari! A festival where you can connect, bond, jam and make some new friends. Because, hume toh #YaariKaCircle badhana hai!
So, if you’re a fan of music, you need to cancel all your plans and head to one of these concerts. Did I mention the epic artist’s line up? They’ve been machao-ing dhoom across the country and if you missed it, koi nai, there’s always a next time. Until then, let me give you a gist of what’s been happening.

Guru Randhawa and Darshan Raval 
From their hits like tenu suit suit karda to kamariya these boys have made sure that we never stopped dancing and this year they’ve got places like Pune, Indore and Nagpur grooving to their music.


Sunidhi Chauhan and Anupam Roy
With her high octave voice and his melodious mellow voice, these two make the No.1 yaari. From beedi jalaile to bezubaan, this combo has done it all. Their new yaari numbers called ‘yaarider shonghe that means ‘with friends’ has been the talk of the town ever since they performed it in Kolkata. The good news is they’re performing in Odisha on the 30th of November. So, you’re not too late.


Sunidhi & Arjun Kanungo
What’s not to love about this duo, right? The way their voices compliment each other’s has made us all go gaga over them. They performed on the 23rd of November in Bhubhanseshwar and since then people can’t seem to get enough of them. Honestly, I can’t wait to watch these two weave their magic again. 

And if you’ve missed it and can’t make it for their next performances too, fret not! We’ve GOAT you covered. Because, they say, badhao apni #YaariKaCircle kyuki akele thode kam hai yaaron se bane hum hai. Here are some yaari jams just for you guys.


Celebrate McDowell’s No1 Yaari with yaari jam concert and of course your yaars.