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Who doesn't like late night munchies?

Ever wondered why is Mumbai referred to as a ‘city that never sleeps’? Because, it *literally* doesn’t. So, even if you are hungry late in the night with an empty fridge and a yearning for some delicious food there are places that are open just for people like you. 
We have rounded up some of the most popular places in aamchi Mumbai that can take care of all your late night cravings.

1. Bademiya, Colaba 
Open till 3 a.m., Bademiya is your answer if you are longing for kebabs late in the night. This roadside eatery has become an inseparable part of Mumbai so much so that people swear by its mouth-watering dishes. 
P.S. Do take your own car when you are visiting Bademiya as the restaurant can be a little cramped for space.

We GOAT Your Back: Their Bhuna Chicken and Beda Roti are a classic gastronomical delight. 

My Heart Beets

2. Bachelorr’s, Chowpatty 
This famous roadside ice cream parlour is open till 2 a.m or later in the night. Their ice creams, milkshakes and juices are just what you need on your way back home after a late night at work. If you are with your special someone, you can just cross the street to enjoy your munchies at the relaxing Chowpatty beach.

We GOAT Your Back:  Try their Chocolate Milkshake and Special Pizza Filling Sandwich and you’ll be mindblown. 

BBC Good Food

3. Amar Juice Centre, Vile Parle
Whether you are craving pav bhaji or masala dosa, we bet you’ll love this late-night paradise that offers a wide range of options for a hungry stomach. Open till about 3 a.m.  in the night, Amar Juice Centre always has scores of people visiting for a quick bite. Just find yourself a nice spot to park your car and relish your late-night munchies in full comfort.

We GOAT Your Back: Their Udupi fast foods and burgers are absolutely sinful.


4. Sagar Chinese, Juhu 
The happiness you derive from pigging out on roadside Chinese is unmatchable, isn't it? Makes it even better when it’s in the middle of the night with your friends by your side. Sagar Chinese stays open till 4 a.m. for food lovers like us who thrive on wholesome quantities of Hakka noodles and Schezwan dips. 

We GOAT Your Back:  Their Chilli Chicken and Triple Schezwan Rice can come to your rescue when the hunger demons set in.
Hungry Forever

5. Sigdi, Bandra
Sigdi's take-out section operates till wee hours of the morning, almost 6! The place is very popular in the city for its drool-worthy rolls and Chinese options.

We GOAT Your Back: Their Chicken Reshmi Tikka and Mutton Nalli Nihari will instantly win you over and make you a repeat customer.


Know of any more places that we missed out? Be a good foodie and let us know too!