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3y ago

Here Are 5 Types Of Yaars You’ll Come Across During This Season Of Colours

Neha D'Souza
Kyunki har ek friend rangeela hota hai!

The season of colours is almost here and looks like almost everyone’s prepping up for it. Some of them are creating a playlist, some are planning to go organic colours this weekend, they’re also digging out old clothes to wear for that day. And I’m thinking about the different kinds of friends I’m going to meet on that day. Seriously, whoever came up with “birds of a same feather flock together” hasn’t met my friends. 

Wait, let me list them down for you:

The Rangeele Ranveers
Yep, I’m talking about the enthu-cutlets. They’re so kicked about the season of colours that they barely sleep the previous day/week. They even practice the dance moves on songs like rang barse and balam pichkari. And they keep dancing even a week after the festival.

1 (10).png

The Rang-Me-Not
“Guys yaw, I’m only here to dance. Please don’t put any colour on me” these are the ones who are dressed up and don’t like colours, but still step out because thoda FOMO hota hai.

2 (8).png

The Rang Me For A Selfie
These are the gully ke influencers. The minute they enter the party, they pull out their phones, start asking people to put some colour on them and lean in for a selfie.

3 (7).png

The Pehchan Kauns
These are the unrecognisable ones. You won’t be able to recognise them on that day, the day after that, and even after that. They make sure that no colour goes to waste.

4 (8).png

The Rang And Run-Away
Yep. These are the ones inspired by the sportsmen only during this season. They put colour on you and run away hoping that you’ll chase them. And if you don’t want to chase them, don’t worry. They’ll find the enthu-cutlets.

5 (6).png

These are the 5 kinds of yaars that I come across every year! So, this festive season, head out with these friends and have loads of fun!