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Because we believe that U2 is thoda hatke!

Well, a lot of international bands have been performing in India, but this one’s getting me super excited! Seriously, I can’t wait for U2 to perform in India. Am I the only one who cannot contain the excitement or is that the deal for you too? See what I did there? *wink wink*  
Yep, we can’t keep calm because U2 is going to be here! Cheer with me y’all BONO BONO!

But here’s the thing, every International artist who has been to India has done these cliched things and I hope U2 doesn’t do them. 

Meeting only the A list Bollywood celebs: Honestly, I have nothing against them. But some of them don’t even know your songs (I said some) So, I request you to take some time out and meet your ardent fans.


Say no to sherwanis! : Nobody in India wears a sherwani on a daily basis. Unless it’s the big Indian wedding or a Manyavar ad. So, it’s okay to let go of the sherwani.


Lip sync but in limits:  Almost every artist lip-syncs and I get it. It can get a little tiring, so you need to catch a break. But in the past, there were a few artists who crossed their lip-sync limit and we hope you don’t do the same. I know you won’t, but just saying. And if you’re really tired, don’t worry, we’ll complete the lines for you.


Love is in the air along with some humidity: We’ve been waiting for this day for months and that’s because we love you! And to be honest, it doesn’t exactly feel like winters and that’s not cool. But please don’t remind us about the weather.  We feel it too and to forget about it, we listen to your music.


#TrafficJam: We have 99 problems and traffic is one of them. But these days I think I get my much-needed break in traffic. Instead of posting about it on social platforms, I take a nap or listen to music. So, if you’re stuck in traffic, you know what to do.


Crazy demands: A lot of these pointers are based on our past experiences. Unrealistic expectations in life cannot be met. So, please be considerate.


Please note: All of the above are just my thoughts and hopes. Either way, I’ll be going to watch them, with or without you! So, this weekend, get set to savour the pause with U2.

*Drink Responsibly