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Love is confusing. But Love Aaj Kal is bizarre.

This movie has left me speechless! Seriously, it’s not even 2030 yet but I can easily say that it’s the worst movie of the decade. Do you remember watching the trailer where Sara goes like “tum mujhe tang karne lage ho”? Well, when I look back, I think it was the universe giving me a hint not to watch it. Because even before the interval the movie made me want to say “Imtiaz, tum mujhe tang karne lage ho.”


Before you read any further, let me warn you - I’m going to be brutally honest while writing this one and there will be spoilers ahead. Because this movie is a spoiler. (It spoilt my weekend) 

So, the scene opens with Kartik Aaryan getting yelled at by women throughout generations. And I don’t know if he was trying to be cute or he had some issues (like forgetting the dialogues or regrets) but to be honest, he was really confusing. (Okay, I wanted to say annoying)

Then there’s Sara Ali Khan. I mean, I really love her personality in interviews and all. I get that she’s just beginning her career, but come on! Why would you choose to do a script like this? Okay, I get it, it’s Imtiaz Ali. But, what’s with the overacting? Seriously, she’s overacted so much that even acting was like bas kar behen.

Then there’s Randeep Hooda who plays the role of an influencer. Nope, not the social media kind. The kind that actually influences Sara’s decisions. Every story of his, has an impact on Sara’s love life. The girl claims to be career-driven and independent, but can’t make a decision on her own. For everything, she just starts crying. Why, Sara? Why?


Okay, there’s a bit of the movie which actually sticks to its name and shows ‘Love Aaj Kal’ i.e when we see Randeep Hooda who was so in love, now has multiple relationships. But then, even after so many years, he still remembers his first love. I think that’s the only part of the movie which made me go like “Chal, it wasn’t that bad at least” but to be honest, I was just trying to console myself, because, I paid for the ticket and the popcorn! I was just trying to rationalise.

But on a serious note, if you want to watch this movie, it’s your call. Because I ain’t an influencer like Randeep Hooda. Make your own decisions!

Also, Kartik Aryan, bhai, tu bas crib kar! Seriously, just stick with monologues or try out better scripts. 


Overall, I’m not a fan of the movie. Bad acting, bad casting, horrible writing, and terrible direction. That song which went “haan mein galat, galat meri baatein” yeah, the twist wala song, even that should have given me a hint. But, jo hua, so hua. At least it made me laugh because of its lack of logic and absurdity.

So, if you want to have a good time and just laugh at something, call your friends over and LOL away (wait till it’s released on one of the platforms because it is not worth your money to go watch it in a theatre.)