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Let's take a dip into this new BKC restaurant

In life and hummus, consistency matters. Especially when it comes to dining in at restaurants. And when a restaurant is celebrated enough to have multiple outlets, the hummus you get at all of them, better be good! 

Bayroute - who replaced Carter Blue to become everyone’s #1 Mediterranean place in Mumbai - recently opened its third outlet at BKC. And will probably open a fourth one at Lower Parel by the time you finish reading my article.

But while the Cuffe Parade and Juhu ones managed to whet our ap-pita-tites, is the third one quite the charm or just a hot mezze?

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Baharatli Hummus With Shawarma Chicken
I'm a firm believer of home is where the hummus is. 
And the Tunisian spicy chilli pepper infused hummus that I feasted on really did feel like home. Peppered with succulent shawarma chicken and served with pickled veggies and fluffy pita, it needs to be on your table.

Hungry For Hummus? All Routes Lead To Bayroute!

Raspberry Champagne Vodka-T
If you go to Bayroute and don't order one of their specialty cocktails, you need a couple of recos from me. With eccentric combinations of alcohol and Mediterranean ingredients (They even have one with Hummus), they're super interesting. Like this Raspberry Champagne Sorbet with Smirnoff No 21 Vodka and eggplant crisps on the side. Sip on it!

Hungry For Hummus? All Routes Lead To Bayroute!

Bayroute Kolokithi
Greek style crisp zucchini and eggplant chips, they're served on a bed of whipped garlic yogurt. If you're a chips person like me, you'd want to eat these everyday. For breakfast. For lunch. And for dinner

Hungry For Hummus? All Routes Lead To Bayroute!

Dessert Storm
Making an entry more dramatic than Lady Gaga, this whisky cocktail was served in a backlit cabinet stuffed with smoke. Made with Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky gel and shaken with gulkand, it had a soothing blue hue owing to butterfly pea flower foam and a terrific aroma courtesy some clove smoke. One for the whisky lovers, its fresh on the palate and smells like a dream!

Hungry For Hummus? All Routes Lead To Bayroute!

A fluffy, layered phyllo pastry stuffed with Iranian pistachio and almonds, served with gulkand ice cream and crushed rose petals. The petals come from a rose that's dipped in liquid nitrogen and crushed in front of your eyes before being served to you. And if you want to know if it gets better, yes it does!

Roses are red, violets are blue. But Baklavas like these, are very few!

Hungry For Hummus? All Routes Lead To Bayroute!

tl;dr? I GOAT You
In a pistachio nutshell, the third outlet of Bayroute might be slow on service but is ace when it comes to the food. The Baklava can't be beat and neither can the cocktails. So, the next time your friend who's just back from a Middle East trip has Hummus cravings, you can get them en route to Bayroute. 

Credits: Saylee Padwal

*Drink Responsibly