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3y ago

If Youre Worried "Aunty Police Bulalegi" Heres How To Host A Silent Disco Party

Ujjwala Sinha
So now you can have a party and enjoy it too!
Remember how Anushka danced away with Ranbir in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? If nothing else, wasn’t it intriguing? Didn’t you wonder what exactly are they even doing?
Well, gone are the days when you had to get permission from the entire world just to throw a small party. I mean, all the hassle of keeping the volume low, talking in hush hush tones after 10 PM. Is that even a party? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because silent disco parties are here to save your soul. Well, except from the obvious flaw that the song was on loud while everyone was wearing headphones. The entire setting was something that made me think here’s how I can drown out the everyday chaos. If you feel the same, then join the bandwagon already. 
1. Get A Venue As Big As Your Guestlist
More people + small venue = party downer.
One good thing about silent disco parties is that you can do it anywhere. Your house, gym, club, fashion show and or elevators. Sounds impressive, right? The trick is to get a venue which perfectly accommodates your guests so that they’re not hesitant to start tapping away. 
2. Turn Those Lights On
Since it’s a silent disco party, you don’t have music blaring to set the mood which is why you need lights. Get a professional or try it yourself to blend the lightings according to the beats of the music thumping in your headphones. And, when a slow song comes on, you can go for a warmer tone of light that will do its job spot on! 
3. Source Wireless Headphones 
Wireless Headphones is the jaan of your party. Without it, there will not be a silent disco party. You can either buy them or rent them depending on your budget. You can even crowd source it. As long as they are able to pick up the signals transmitted through a radio transmitter, you’re good to go. An RCA input (an electrical connector which carries audio and video signals) can be used to send out the audio signals to the headphones. 
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4. A Multi-Channel Setup Will Add Extra Glimmer 
Multi-channel allows your guests to switch between songs. It is like a playlist but on different channels that is set by the DJ. You can either have a mix of rock music, romantic songs and rap music. It totally depends on you. What’s interesting is that you can have two different DJs playing for different channels. 
5. Keep A Track Of Those Wireless Headphones 
At the entrance, keep a box to collect all the headphones and while people are returning them, you can check if anything is broken or damaged and can take measures for it. This is to ensure that all the rented headphones return safely.
So, when are you hosting your silent disco party?