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Are you a fan of kebabs? Then, this is where you need to head!

If you start drooling just at the mention of ‘Kebabs’, we could be friends! I mean it. There’s something about melt-in-the-mouth piping hot kebabs that lights up my face. And what better time to visit the best places in Mumbai to gorge on these delicacies than the month of Ramadan? Because it is now that the streets get filled with the aroma of juicy kebabs being prepared for the evening iftar.

So, without further ado, here’s presenting the best spots in Mumbai to fulfil your kebab cravings:​​

1. Bademiya, Colaba 
If you live in South Mumbai, chances are, Bademiya is your all-time favourite adda. It is one of the most popular late-night spots that is frequented by kebab lovers and is almost always crowded. The joint offers a wide array of kebab choices making it difficult to pick just one or two. But, no matter which signature kebab dish you choose, you go home happy and full. 

Top Picks – Chicken Seekh Kebab (INR 190) and Mutton Boti Kebab (INR 230)

Hungry Forever

2. Sarvi, Byculla
You can’t call yourself a kebab lover and not have visited Sarvi yet. This simple restaurant has been around for 90 years or more and serves some of the most lip-smacking kebabs in the city. The perfect grilling and texture make it a favourite of the locals. When paired with an oversized roomali roti, the foodgasm you experience is of another level altogether.

Top Picks – Chicken Seekh (INR 30) and Seekh Kebab Irani (INR 28)


3. Ayub’s, Fort
Looking for a quick late night snack? Ayub’s is the place for you. It whips up such delectable kebabs that leave you salivating for more. The best part is their fresh green chutney that you can never have enough of. Their baida rolls are also fresh and worth a try if you are a fan. They have plenty of options for vegetarians too so they don’t feel left out. 

Top Picks– Chicken Reshmi Roll (INR 160) and Chicken Tikka Plate (INR 160)


4. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Grant Road
Delhi Darbar is one of the most famous restaurants in Mumbai loved for its Mughlai and North Indian cuisines. But apart from their world-famous biryani and phirni, they also offer kebabs that are worth dying for. Whether you are a lamb lover or prefer chicken, you are spoilt for choice with their varied menu options. No matter what you go with, the meat is always tender and cooked to perfection.

Top Picks – Shahi Kebab Platter (INR 530) and Reshmi Kebab (INR 320)


5. Kakori House, Mahim
Named after the famous Kakori Kebabs, how could this chain of restaurants ever get it wrong? The kebabs here are juicy, spicy and full of flavours, enough to make you a fan with the first bite. I am almost always torn between ordering their famous Kakori Kebabs or Galouti Kebabs or both. And if kebabs are your staple too, you are probably going to share this dilemma with me.

Top Picks– Kakori Kebab (INR 455) and Murgh Golmirch Kebab (INR 395)


Happy binging, fellow foodies!