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3y ago

Quick Meal Ideas For People On The Go

Saylee Padwal
Pull out your pans and shuffle your shelves to make these easy peasy recipes that use just 3 ingredients!

Meals for most of us revolves around take-out, protein bars, and the saddest of them all – PB&Js.
But, what if LiveInStyle helped give your mundane food routine a refreshing makeover?
Yes, you don’t need to have all the time in the world to whip up a Masterchef level meal when we’ve got your back *wink*
Pull out your pans and shuffle your shelves to make these easy peasy recipes that use just 3 ingredients!

Avocado Toast
Quick, easy, and customisable, avocado toast makes for an excellent snack. We like to jazz ours a bit by adding some colour to the usual green. Crunchy slices of radish give regular toast a zesty, crunchy texture. Just pack some pieces of toasted brown bread and containers of mashed avocados and sliced radish, and you’ll have a meal that’s both filling and time saving!

Quick meal idea

Tomato Soup
Here’s the best and easiest tomato soup we could find for you! Grab a pan, melt some butter on it and toss in a large chopped onion with tomato puree. Add water and salt as per taste and simmer till it gets perfectly creamy, blend, and serve!

Quick meal

Macaroni And Cheese
A healthier twist on your regular Mac N’ Cheese recipe, this one uses almond milk as an alternative to cow’s milk. Made using just 3 ingredients, it gets done in under 10 minutes! Bring almond milk to boil, add in the pasta and stir. Cool around till al dente, stir in shredded cheese, and season with salt and pepper. Wait till the cheese melts, stir again, and enjoy!

Quick meal ideas

Chicken Parmesan
All the goodness of Chicken Parmesan without the breading and frying. Yep, that’s right! This recipe uses grilled chicken and combines it with the sharp taste of parmesan and tanginess of tomato which makes it a well-rounded meal. Grill chicken breasts until it’s cooked through on both sides, place them on a baking sheet and top with cheese and tomato sauce. Broil for around 5 minutes till the cheese becomes bubbly, and lunch is served!

Quick meal ideas

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
While the name of the dish may sound fancy, it literally translates to ‘spaghetti with garlic and oil’ in Italian. While it uses just 3 of the most basic ingredients in your pantry, the dish is truly a classic. Heat crushed or finely chopped garlic in oil olive, toss it into cooked spaghetti, garnish as required, and voila – it’s ready!

Quick meal ideas

So, go on and get delicious food in your table fast with these recipes!