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Shopping, Food And Music - Maybe The Lil Flea Isn’t So Lil After All!

Neha D'Souza
Weekend plans? Sorted!

Have you seen ‘The Lil Flea’s not so ‘lil’ hoardings around town and wondered what it is? Let me help you with that. It’s Mumbai’s happiest, most colourful and amazing festival of food, music, and shopping. 

Basically, it's a three-day outdoor market with happy bohemian-artsy vibes that’s already got everyone excited. A festival of budding entrepreneurs and creative discovery, The Lil Flea brings together some of the country's best homegrown brands, chefs and musicians. Looks like my weekend plans are sorted!

This year, The Lil Flea looks something like this:

Go, Shop Hopping! Maybe later you can confess.
That’s right! 250 of The Country’s Best Homegrown Pop-up Shops are going to be ruling South Bombay and over a hundred of them are from different cities, so there’s your variety in creativity. And if you think that you can buy these things at the mall later, think again! These are carefully curated and rare finds. Save up and show up for this one, you won’t regret, I promise.


Food stalls! What to eat and what not to eat?
This will be your question and you’ll be spoilt for choices. Feeling pampered yet? 50 delicious food brands & artisanal bakers are going to appeal to the glutton in you. So, mark your calendars, this weekend is going to be your cheat weekend.


Music Stage! Because music makes everything better.
With the country’s best indie bands like Indian Ocean, Filter Coffee and performers like Raghav Meattle coming together, you’re going to have a good time for sure! So, go on, delete the unnecessary data from your phone and make space for some fresh tunes that you’re going to discover. 


An Alt Stage For All The Talent! - Because India’s got talent!
An alternative stage with open mics, stand-ups, poets & magicians! So, brace yourselves for some never seen before - rib-tickling stand-up acts, storytelling sessions and maybe some impromptu jam sessions. Looks like a talent-packed weekend, doesn’t it? 


Movies - under the trees! Because we still say NO to walls!
Watching movies can be a memorable affair with some favourite movies picked by the crowd. Imagine sitting under the stars and trees and watching movies like Her, Bohemian Rhapsody, Little Miss Sunshine and so on with the perfect ambience for you to snuggle up. I can’t wait for this one!


A Festival Bar - We’ve GOAT you!
With over six amazing micro-breweries, celebrity chefs, gin and tonic bars and some skilled bartenders to whip up some amazing drinks!


One Lil Tree - adopt some plants!
Love trees? Say green! To those who would like to bring nature back into their lives, this is a perfect stall for you. Collect free seeds or adopt some happy new plants to take back home.

Book Exchange 2.0 - Give and get!
The upgraded and the newer version of books exchange! BYOB bring your own book and exchange it with other book lovers.


Excited much?
If this is your first Flea, follow these rules to upgrade the fun quotient
Rule #1  Get ‘em positive vibes.
Rule #2 Be real, be you. Nobody’s judging you and you’re not going to judge anyone. Because Karma!
Rule #3 Thoda style mein rehneka. #InstaWorthy
Rule #4 If you want to cheat, cheat on your diet.
Rule #5 Be like “Yeh mainstream kya hai?”

Now that you know all about it, head to Mahalaxmi racecourse on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of November. For more information about the event click here 

*Drink Responsibly