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So, hop into your car and drive down to your nearest store!
No party is complete without party props! Be it a birthday party, a bachelorette or even a festival, you can’t have a party without the perfect supply of cups, decorations and fun games! 
Bachelorettes and baby showers; every occasion is a celebration and hence, there’s got to be some addas where you can get your decoration. 
To simplify it, we’ve compiled a list of stores in Mumbai serving the trendiest party supplies in town.
1. PartyHunterz
The ever popular Partyhunterz! Whether you’re organizing or attending a bridal shower, a baby shower or anything in between, this place has got it all. We hear they have the best stuff for Halloween costumes too. 
I GOAT Your Back:  The online store! Yes, very easy to navigate and super cool stuff too. 
Where: Bandra and Powai
The Trendiest Party Supplies in Mumbai
2. Madcaps – The Party Shop
Theme party? Yes. Then here’s your one-stop shop solution!
They are also easily accessible via their online store. So, what are you waiting for? 
I GOAT Your Back: Their photobooth props! Bring out your inner selfie queen with them.
Where: The best part – the locations! Lokhandwala, Matunga, Bandra and Pedder Road. 
The Trendiest Party Supplies in Mumbai
3. Party Poppers
Bring in your seasonal festivities with a quick trip to this affordable party supply store and make every special occasion, memorable.
I GOAT Your Back:  The birthday party selection, making every birthday super special.
Where: Dadar
The Trendiest Party Supplies in Mumbai
4. Party Basket
You’ll enter this place and find everything you want. Shop for spooky decorations to basics such as plastic cups and helium balloons in this cute-sy store. 
I GOAT Your Back: It’s delivery option! That’s right super easy only on Scootsy.
Where: Colaba

The Trendiest Party Supplies in Mumbai

5. Sparkle
Glow glitter and all things spooky, Sparkle is your destination for a perfect spook. The store is sure to make you want to put everything in your basket. Their magic tricks and sparkly costumes.  
I GOAT Your Back: Don’t forget to check out the magic tricks section! 
Where: Hill Road, Bandra
The Trendiest Party Supplies in Mumbai
With this curated list of party supply stores, you’re sure to have a great time with your pals and gals! Get shopping!