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But when you finally find that party you like, the world seems like a better place!

You’ve been to clubs. You’ve been to pubs. You’ve been to house parties. 

But haven’t you maybe thought, “This is not what I like.” It took me a while too, to figure out what kind of party I liked. Do I like the noisy crowded one or the relaxed laid back one? 

Let’s all admit, it takes a while and a lot of going out to figure what party is your kind of party. Finally, one day, you just know it in your head the kind of party you and your yaars love the best. 

So, if you still haven’t stumbled upon the right one, here are the types of parties we bet you’ve attended before. Which one is your favourite? 

1. Too Loud Party 
When you attend this party, you constantly feel as if your eardrums will burst. The music is always too loud and half of the time, you can’t even hear what the other person is saying. So, you end up shouting or awkwardly swaying just so you fit in.

Types Of Parties You Attend Before You Find Your Kind Of Party

2. People You Don’t Know At The Party 
Your friend calls you to a party for the nth time but you still don’t have it in you to tag along. But, ‘what to do? Yaar ne itna bola hai toh jaana padega na!’ 
So, even when you don’t really know anyone, you still go and wish you’d rather be home. 
Trust me, all of us have been there at least once! 

Type of party

3. Too Old For This Party
You probably have also attended parties where you feel that you’re too old for them. You’re too old to pick out an outfit, choose shoes, book a cab, wait for it to arrive and then give the OTP. God so much to do!  You would rather sit at home and catch up on some reading. 

typeof party

After attending all these parties, you will finally figure out your kind of party. A party where the music is right, the food is good, the conversations, meaningful. 

4. Potluck Party 
I bet you have only gone to such parties if you can cook or else what are you even going to take? Don’t forget you have to pretend to like what you’re eating even if you don’t. 
Too much kaam na, ek party ke liye? 

type of party
5. Office Party 
Okay, hands down, this is the worst type you will come across (C’mon there CANNOT be any exceptions). Ek toh kaam par inko jhelo, fir jo free time mile usme bhi unke saath party karo. 
I mean, you could have been chilling with your actual yaars, having chicken tikka and McDowell’s. But you’re stuck at an office party, pretending to be interested in whatever your boss is saying after OFFICE HOURS. 

Types Of Parties You Attend Before You Find Your Kind Of Party

Yes, you go through all of this to find your kind of party. 

*Drink Responsibly