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Spoken Fest - Where Words Belong

Stories Around Us

“In the end, we’ll all become stories” - Margaret Atwood. 
To this, I’d like to say that truer words have never been spoken. Don’t you agree? We’re all stories in the making. Some incidents from our lives have been shared as stories that inspire, stories that make people laugh and cry.


Words are power; they can either make you or break you. They help you tell your story to people who are waiting to be inspired! The idea of being a story is so intriguing. As I’m writing these words, I can’t help but think what’s my story going to be like? It’s exciting but at the same time, I’m a little nervous. Someday, I hope my story will be worth sharing and maybe one day I’ll share mine at a spoken fest. 

Power Of Words

Often our emotions are not translatable into words. But when they do, they often sound like poetry. And when you find the right words you’ll feel a chill running through your spine. Sometimes words fail us, but mostly they have the power to heal, inspire and help us emote.

The Spoken Fest is one such platform that gives everyone an opportunity to speak their heart out. Especially, the young minds who have so much to say - pouring their heart out onto Instagram, promoting self-love and self-worth and ruffling feathers with their view on everything around. They’re bold, they’re out there,  they just need the right platform to be heard.

How It All Began

Roshan Abbas and Gaurav Kapoor started this concept in a bungalow at Versova to provide a platform to those who need one - a platform to follow their passion. And since Spoken Fest held in Mumbai was a success, Kommune is organizing a Spoken Fest 2.0 in Delhi. From theatre to poetry, storytelling to songs, a new multi-arts festival will celebrate the magic of words and voices. 

Here’s Rabia Kapoor’s Ode to Spoken Fest

All About Spoken Fest

With over 65 performers ranging from Indian Ocean to Prateek Kuhad to Aranya Johar to Kubbra Sait, Spoken Fest, 2019 has an exciting line-up. In the last year, Kommune has helped build the spoken word space with Kommunity weekends in 9 cities, workshops ranging in poetry to writing, and giving artists unique interactions like the Road trip and Beatmap. They say, “Stories are everywhere, and the best ones are at Spoken.” 
Here’s a glimpse of Hussain Haidry performing at Spoken Fest, 2019

So, are you ready to dive deep into the ocean of words and gather beautiful stories that will keep you motivated? With its amazing artist’s line up, this first of a kind initiative is your chance to learn something new, meet people with inspiring stories that will push you to share your story.  Because “There’s no greater agony than an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou

 Are you still debating if this is going to be worth your time? Well,  here’s a video that has managed to capture Spoken Fest in its essence and is bound to convince you!  *Watch it with sound on*

If you have stories that are brewing within you, let Kommune help you weave them better! Click here to check them out. Also, keep yourselves free on the 30th of November to witness the magic of words at Spoken Fest, 2019. For further details, click here