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Ghar ki yaad aa jayegi!

We Indians love our food. Have you come across anyone at all who doesn’t call himself/herself a foodie? 
We turn to food in times of celebration and even in times of stress. If you think about it, food is our constant buddy that never leaves our side. Mehehe! So, while we may never hesitate to try new recipes and foodstuff, there are some comfort foods that are easy on the tummy and equally nutritious. 
We present to you our top 5 vegetarian meals that are so comforting, they’ll leave you in a state of pure lull. 

1. Rajma Chawal
There is nothing more precious than ‘maa ke haath ka banaya rajma chawal’. We repeat, NOTHING! *holds back tears* With people moving out of their homes to pursue their careers, there’s nothing they would crave more for than a plate of rajma chawal cooked with love. 
Fun Fact: This ultimate comfort food is the best form of anaesthesia EVAAR!


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2. Aloo Ke Paranthey
People who don’t love Aloo just don’t exist. From wedges and fries to aloo tikkis and aloo chaats, we devour aloo in every form possible. Heck, we even lived our childhood raiding our Punjabi neighbour’s house whenever the aroma of stuffed paranthas hypnotised us. And now we thank God for all the ‘paranthey wali galis’. What would we do without you?


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3. Pav Bhaji
Popular as a street snack, Pav Bhaji becomes even more delectable when you cook it at home. Warm, spicy and full of veggies, there’s nothing to hate about this dish. Garnished with finely-chopped onions and lemon juice and served with fluffy buns, it remains one of the most favourite comfort foods of all the foodies.


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4. Idli Sambhar
This breakfast staple of a South Indian household is equally loved in all parts of the country. Easy on the palate and filling at the same time, Idli Sambhar has fans galore. Especially if you are someone who skips your breakfast to make it to that morning office meeting on time. You can always count on savouring this delicacy at Anna's corner near your office complex.


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4. Dal Khichdi
Ever referred to khichdi as ‘beemaro ka khana’? Been there, done that! But as much as we may joke about it, khichdi actually provides a complete protein profile similar to eggs and is extremely healthy. This is the reason why it’s considered the best comfort food when you are sick or unwell. This sanskari soul food is easy to digest as well. Win-win!



So, comfort your body and soul with these mouth-watering vegetarian meals. Happy Eating!