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What To Expect At The Biggest Silent Disco Party Of The Year?

Get ready for a new kind of music experience.

What do you call a party that looks like a party, feels like a party but does not sound like one?

You’re probably thinking, if there’s no music, it’s not a party, right?

Well, this one has the music, just not the way you’re used to listening to it.


Welcome to the world of silent disco parties, where you listen to live music with the help of headphones. 

These parties are quite a big deal around the world and have just taken off in India. Silent Owl has hosted such parties in Delhi for the last year and a half. They do college fests, house parties and small-scale club music but this time they’re all set to host the biggest silent party of the country. And, we’re super excited!

This upcoming event is called the 863 MHz Silent Countdown 2020 and will be held on 31st December 2019, aka New Year’s Eve at QLA, Mehrauli, Delhi.

We spoke to Tanmay Upneja, co-founder of Silent Owl and here’s what he told us about this event.

There’s no deafening sound to create sound pollution

A silent party has no regular speakers and amplifier systems. Instead, music is broadcasted through a radio transmitter, like a car radio which can be accessed through headphones. So, it’s basically live soundless music that does not cause any noise pollution. Think of it as a headphone party.

863 MHz Silent Countdown 2020

You get your own set of headphones for the night

When you buy the ticket, you get a pair of headphones that you can use for the night. Everyone at the party puts on these headphones and grooves along. At first, it might seem a little strange to see people dancing ardently without music but once you get into the mood, you will find yourself having a very personal level experience with your music.

863 MHz Silent Countdown 2020

You can choose what music you want to hear

Unlike other silent parties hosted by Silent Owl, which had one DJ for the night, this one is a bigger setup with 3 DJs. These will be popular DJs from around the country who’ll play music across three different genres – EDM, Techno and Bollywood/Punjabi tracks. Every headphone system will have 3 buttons where you can choose what kind of music you want to hear. This way, you and your friends who have a different taste in music can all enjoy this party together without having to compromise on your music choices. How cool is that!  

You can control the volume

Some people like their music blaring and some not so much. At a usual party, you have to just put up with whatever that amplifier has in stock for you but not at a silent dance party. Here, you can control the volume as per your comfort level.  

863 MHz Silent Countdown 2020

You can enjoy better quality music

There’s no doubt that live music events are loud and heart-thumping, but that’s not always a good thing. At a silent party, you have an unparalleled music experience with great quality sound. When you put on those headphones, you are instantly drawn into a stream of flawless symphonies without any disturbances or echoes.

863 MHz Silent Countdown 2020

You can savour a pause in between by simply removing the headphones

Have you ever struggled to have a conversation at a party because the music was too loud? We’ve all been there. However, at a silent party, you can choose to take a pause between songs and really savour the pause. You can have a conversation with your friend or even stop to have a bite or two in peace.

863 MHz Silent Countdown 2020

What are you doing this new year? If you’re in Delhi, check out this silent party to bring in 2020 with a whole new experience.