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Anyone in need of a change in work environment?

Let’s admit it, being holed up inside a cubicle all day long can feel like you are serving prison time. Thankfully, there are quite a few cafes in Bengaluru with free Wi-Fi that encourage working patrons to linger on while sipping their cuppas. 

So, the next time you are chasing a deadline and need a change of environment, head to these cool cafés to work in peace. 

The Yogisthaan Café
Took any cues from the name? While you are at the café struggling with your presentation slides, you can take a breather and attend their yoga sessions. Surrounded by potted plants, you can experience serenity at its best here and devour healthy food to keep your spirits up. 

The Ants Café & Café Store
If you are an early bird who gets the most work done in the first half of the day, this is the ideal café for you. We tell you why! Ants Café serves a mind-blowing breakfast that includes their signature sunny-side up, sausages and baked beans. Talk about starting the day well!
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Koshy is an age-old institution which is ideal for serious meetings or work discussions while sipping the good old filter coffee. The best time to visit the café is late afternoons or evenings. Find the perfect corner for yourself and work on that urgent project without any disturbances.

#WorkFromCafé at these Wi-Fi-Friendly Cafés In Bengaluru

How can we talk of cafes and not mention Starbucks? The sprawling, air-conditioned café has its own fan following and offers comfort like no other. Though there are multiple Starbucks' outlets in the city, our favourite is the one at Indiranagar. You can take your cappuccino upstairs and spend countless hours huddled over your laptop.
  #WorkFromCafé at these Wi-Fi-Friendly Cafés In Bengaluru
Malls Market

Café Pascucci 
No matter what your mood is, this Italian café is the perfect cure for it. Their thin-crust wood-fired pizzas are so scrumptious, you won't mind sitting a few extra hours to send that report if that means having more of their Classic Margherita and Sundried Tomato Pesto. 

#WorkFromCafé at these Wi-Fi-Friendly Cafés In Bengaluru

Matteo Coffea
This is easily one of the coolest cafes that has a very laid-back vibe. If you visit the café during the weekdays, get your earphones along as you may have to block out the chit-chat to work. While you are here, don’t forget to try their special Arabica coffee. 
  #WorkFromCafé at these Wi-Fi-Friendly Cafés In Bengaluru

Costa Coffee
This UK coffee chain serves some of the best coffees in the city. From hazelnut and vanilla to caramel flavours, you are spoilt for choice. Just biting into their giant-sized almond and cherry muffin can give you all the motivation you need to sift through your day's job list.

#WorkFromCafé at these Wi-Fi-Friendly Cafés In Bengaluru

Have you been to any of these cafes? Share your experiences with us!