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Keeping up with the cocktails!

The cocktail culture these days is so much more than ordering a classic Manhattan or Cosmopolitan. Bar patrons are constantly looking for new ways to appreciate their tipples. It’s mainly us millennials that are leading this cocktail charge. Cellar Trends reports that almost 9 out of 10 (88%) younger drinkers enjoyed mixed drinks on a night out.

Obviously, to keep up with these demands, bartenders began experimenting with culinary techniques to come up with crispier cocktails and unique trends along the way.

We spoke to Diageo India Brand Ambassadors and here’s what they had to tell us about the biggest change and cocktail trends we will see in 2020. 

The Renaissance of the Gin Cocktail

Gin, gin, and gin! There are so many new gins that are actually quite delicious. All have unique flavours which pose a challenge to bartenders to learn them all and create cocktails that work for specific gins rather than gin as a category. This is a global trend that’s taken off in a big way and India has started to get some of these over the last year or so. 2020 will be the year when bartenders will have an arsenal of gins to really show off some creativity.

- Brandon Toborg, Diageo India Brand Ambassador


Low-Calorie Drinks

Millennial drinkers love their cocktails but are also concerned about living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. Because they are mindful about their consumption, they have begun opting for low-calorie cocktails that do not significantly impact their calorie intake while they continue to have a good time.

- Afzal Kaba, Diageo India Brand Ambassador

low calorie drinks
Sustainable Cocktails

Sustainability is for sure one of the big moves in 2020. Yes, we’ve already seen some bars doing their part and we’ve talked about it a good deal. However, this is the year when bars will truly need to set up and take this topic much more seriously if they want to keep the doors open, as the general public is starting to learn more and more about zero waste cocktails, carbon footprints and the impact bars have on the planet. In cities like Seattle, San Francisco, London, and NYC bars are held accountable for this by the public and the local environmental agencies.

- Brandon Toborg, Diageo India Brand Ambassador

sustainable cocktails

Low ABV (Alcohol By Volume) Drinks

More and more bartenders are concocting delicious sippers with lower alcohol. These cocktails are called low ABV drinks. You can slowly sip them through the night without increasing your alcohol intake. 

- Afzal Kaba, Diageo India Brand Ambassador

low abv cocktails

Now that you know the cocktail trends of 2020, add them to your bucket list so you can try them all out this year.
*Drink Responsibly!