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So much food, so little time!

What to eat and what not to eat was the question! So, I ate almost everything. Well, I had to try every stall! This was my first time at the Grub Fest in Mumbai and I must tell you - I loved it! The concept, the food, the performances, the masterclasses, the games, the vibe; well everything.

How do you bring people together? The answer is simple: good food! It always works like a charm. It’s a good way to meet people with similar interests, have a wonderful time with your friends and maybe make new friends while you’re at it.
All the top restaurant chains coming together and offering you a plethora of choices in cuisine, what more do you need?

Grub fest

Okay, if you answered the question and went like “we need more”, there were also epic performances by Kutle Khan, Harrdy Sandu, When Chai Met Toast, Ankur Tewari and so on. Some folk, some Indie, some Bollywood- a little bit of everything for everybody.

Grub fest
Black&White Packaged Drinking Water presents the Grub Fest. People look forward to visiting this food festival.With the most famous gourmet chefs and brands being a part of this festival, people get the opportunity to explore new trends in the culinary world with fusion food concepts, traditional cuisines and experimental dishes that are made originally for the Grub Fest.

Over 100 exhibitors await each new season to impress you with their creations and delicacies be it Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Mughlai, Oriental, Japanese, Greek, European, Asian and others.

Grub Fest

There are also different zones, events, games, and parties for everyone, you can take your pick of what you’d like to attend and have a blast with your friends. I personally had fun at the masterclass where I learned some really cool things and the foosball table+the basketball arena was my absolute favourite.

Grub fest

 Here’s a glimpse of the major attractions at the Grub Fest since I’m done talking about food (not really done with food though).

1. Grub Theatre With Various Master Classes 
Like I already said- I learned a lot in this session. Different masterclasses taught by experts in that particular field. If you’re passionate about food and cooking, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. Especially the cupcake craze, where we learned all about cupcakes and the one which taught us about tips and tricks of photography.

2.  Arcade Gaming:
Because Grub Fest is more than just food! Also, maybe they tried to ensure that you have enough space for more food by keeping you active in the gaming arena. Now you can burn calories and keep eating to make the most out of the food carnival and also win exciting prizes.

3.  Live Music Stage:
Grooved along, moved along and sang along with all the artists. Yeah, I’m one of those enthu cutlets audiences. By the end of the day, I was exhausted, but come on, can you blame me? Check out the line up y’all! It was awesome.

4.  Carnival Area:
Food trucks and game stalls! All the elements that make you feel like you’re at a carnival were here. Seriously, I had never heard of cereal milk ice cream and now that it’s been 24 hours of tasting it, I still cannot stop thinking about it. 

Now that I’ve sort of given you a glimpse of how the event was, I’m pretty sure you’ll be all geared up for the next one that’s happening in Bengaluru on the 22nd of February 2020.