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We’re already ‘rooting' for these latest food trends.

While change is constant, our love for food remains unhinged. Over the years, we’ve seen a zillion food trends come and go and while some passed us by, food trends like vegan food and avocado - everything kind of stuck by and made it super easy to make innovative dishes at home by using cross-cultural food fusions.

If you’re in on such trends, you’d be especially interested in what’s in store for you in 2020. Here are some of the biggest food trends in 2020. 

Probiotic Food

I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that I’m all up for a healthier lifestyle as long as I don’t have to compromise on taste. Probiotic food seems to be that much-needed cheat code when it comes to taste and nutrition. There’s plenty of creative ways to add probiotic food to your diet. Like having flavoured yogurt as a midday snack or using yogurt to make a cocktail. Kombucha is another kind of probiotic that has proven to be on-trend. Did you know you can use this fermented drink in a cocktail too?

probiotic food

Organic Food

Now here’s a trend we’re ready to welcome with open arms! Picture a world without chemicals and harmful pesticides, instead, it’s all about fresh fruit, vegetables, potent flavours and spices.  Doesn’t the thought of it make you happy! Everyone will be talking about organic food this year, which means many restaurants and food sellers will pick on it too. And, you’ll be eating organic and natural food more often.

organic food

Homemade Food

The best way to watch what you eat is to cook everything at home and preferably make things from scratch. While that becomes difficult when you have a busy schedule, it’s not so difficult to make tasty food using healthy ingredients and spices. As time-consuming as cooking looks, it’s actually pretty simple once you have your ingredients and recipe ready. Prep is usually what takes longer, so make sure your grocery list has everything you may need in the following week. It’s common knowledge that homemade food reduces your oil and sugar intake by a lot. So, that’s worth considering this year!

homemade food

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Reduced Sugar

Artificial sweeteners and refined sugar aren’t good for your body. And, while most of us are aware of that, it gets difficult to replace them with something that isn’t harmful and still maintains the sweetness. Today, fruit sources like pomegranates, coconut and dates are being used by cooks and bartenders for various recipes. Not only do these ingredients work as sweeteners but they also add a natural flavour to the overall taste which accentuates the food or cocktail experience.

reduced sugar


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Alternative Flour

As a society, we’re finally aware of the benefits of ragi, oats and bajra, compared to white flour, rice and wheat. These can be used to substitute unhealthy flours almost completely from your diet. For instance, ragi and bajra not only make for nutritious rotis but also have a distinct taste that might be even better than the usual flavour you’re used to eating. Almond flour and coconut flour make for great bases when making flour-less cookies and cakes. This way you really don’t have to give up on your favourite foods. 

alternative flour

How many of these food trends will you embrace this year?

*Drink Responsibly!