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3y ago

5 Hilarious Comedians That You Will Never Get Bored Of

Ujjwala Sinha
Life just got too real with these honest to God yet oh-so-funny comedians! 

All of us have that one go-to option, we can always depend on when we go out to eat. We can scroll through the entire menu, turn into a real-life Zac Galifianakis gif performing all sorts of math equations but still, end up ordering the same food (because we love it THAT MUCH!!)


It's like we just know that nothing in the world can go wrong with that one order! 

Well, comedians are just like our favourite foods. No matter how many times you watch their shows, you still don’t mind watching them all over again. I mean, they’re so hilarious that you even remember their entire online specials better than the periodic table! 


If you can relate to this, here’s a list of all the best comedians that you can never go wrong with! 

1. Biswas Kalyan Rath 
Want to know how to handle love, life and just about everything? Well, this ‘Mast Aadmi’ has got your back. Taking inspiration from everyday life, Biswa shows just how funny life is! 
Excited much? Well, catch up with him in Assam on the 1st of November where he will leave everyone in splits! 

2. Amit Tandon 
If you’re looking for a simplified version of marriage rules then Amit Tandon is your guy! He breaks those marriage myths down so hilariously that you would think that marriage is a cakewalk (but is it really?)
Married or not, he will make you ROFL anyway! Check out his upcoming show on the 4th of October in Solapur for more! 

3. Abish Mathew
Don't you think we all have this funny guy in our group which makes even the most boring of things, rib-ticklingly funny? Well, Abish is that guy. From travelling in trains to watching Terminator in Bengali, he has the most comical stories for you. Want to know more? Well, you’re in luck because he’s going to perform on 8th November in Delhi! Better book your tickets already! 

4. EIC 
Want in on all the current affairs but with a hilarious twist? Time to tune in to EIC! This group of comedians is exactly what you need to look out for if you find watching the news on TV a tad bit too boring! Catch their latest performance on the 22nd of November in Punjab and thank me later! 

5. Atul Khatri 
You have got to watch what Atul Khatri has to say before you book your tickets for that US trip. He’s got all the deets for you. Move over time zones and currency exchange, Atul will tell you the right things you need to be prepared for and you’ll forever be thankful to him! Watch his performance on the 29th of November and start packing if your visas are already here! 

Well, these comedians give some life lessons that you didn’t even think you needed in the first place! To know more such ‘satyavachan’ tune into Black Dog Easy Evenings all around town!