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From acting to filmmaking, is there anything that Aamir Khan can’t do? 

When we talk about Aamir Khan, we talk about everything real, honest and tear-jerking. From capturing scenes right out of our day-to-day lives to giving faces to the stories that we need to know, Aamir Khan has literally set a benchmark which strikes a chord with everyone. 

Capturing the struggles of an engineering student or the hurdles a woman has to cross to excel in her field, he touches upon issues that need our immediate attention. To name a few, he has movies like PK, Dangal, Secret Superstar, Rang De Basanti up his sleeve.

Starting out as a commercial actor, he took the highway to commercial films because there were stories he wanted the world to know. His journey from an actor to a filmmaker is nothing short of inspiration because he took saying ‘grow through what you go through quite literally!’ Evolving as an actor and a director, he adds elements that evoke emotions within us that we didn’t know existed.

Aamir Khan is one versatile actor who has refined the art of storytelling! And, we salute him for that! Especially on his birthday 14th March!

His Motto... 
One piece of advice that Aamir Khan himself lives by is-  ‘never compromise.’ Be it script, direction, or career in general. The only way to reach one’s goal is to keep the picture in mind and keep at it. This is how he was able to walk up to his parents, tell them that he wants to opt-out of college to join Bollywood.

Needless to say, his parents were shocked and concerned at first, to say the least. But Aamir was consistent and ended up persuading them. He emphasised on the fact that the end of formal education was not actually the end of education. 

Self-learnt and self-educated, Aamir Khan made it in the industry while sticking to his principles! 

 Aamir Khan Turns Life Into A Story, One Film At A Time

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How Does Aamir Khan Deal With Tough Times? 
It was because of his motto that he was able to get through a tough time after his first big hit, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. He turned into an overnight star after the movie and was being offered numerous films. 
His movies failed and he was called a ‘one film wonder’ by the media. His career was at its lowest. It was this movie that he became even more firm about his ideal to never compromise and only work on a movie if he’s really happy about it. 

Since then, he has not only evolved as an actor but also a human being. Picking stories that only strikes a chord with him and the audience, he feels it is his duty to garner the due recognition for such stories. 

 Aamir Khan Turns Life Into A Story, One Film At A Time

The Typical Aamir Khan Movie 
You can depend on him to work in movies that are a reflection of our society. Aamir never fails to bring to light, he has been the flagbearer of the truth no matter how tough it is to accept. And, that is why we have movies like Rang De Basanti, Dangal, and Secret Superstar. 

All his movies show an element of conflict not just with society but with ourselves as well. And, to capture that essence beautifully is truly giving wings to a story! 

But this shift seeped in gradually. He honed his skills and only chose stories that sparked an interest in him. 

 Aamir Khan Turns Life Into A Story, One Film At A Time

He is only drawn to co-produce and act in films that appeal to him. Nothing more. Nothing less.