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This musical maestro deserves no introduction. It is truly impossible to imagine the world of music without genius, A. R. Rahman. If you had to pick between his voice and his music, we bet you’d have a pretty tough time. That’s because both are imbued with a certain kind of magic that has the power to transport us to another dimension altogether. 
To celebrate the music wizard, we present to you his top songs that must definitely be on your playlist.

‘Dil Se Re’ from ‘Dil Se’
It was this movie that made everyone sit up and take notice of the legend. The ease with which he shifts from the high notes to the bass complemented by the passionate lyrics makes this for a memorable listen. 

‘Rubaroo’ from ‘Rang De Basanti’
Every other song from the album was equally deserving to be in the list here. Khalbali. Paathshaala. Luka Chhupi. All of them. RDB has clearly been one of the best albums of his career. A.R. Rahman sang this song with Naresh Iyer and it’s just so soothing that we instantly reach our ‘happy place’. 

‘Kun Faya Kun’ from ‘Rockstar’
Again, the ace music director owned the song charts when Rockstar came out in 2011. Like a boss! This Sufi number strikes a chord so beautifully and manages to envelop you in a feeling of calm like no other song does. When you are in need of divine intervention, this is what you should play on a loop.

‘Kehna Hi Kya’ from ‘Bombay’
This song is as beautifully composed as it is picturised. You have Chitra’s perfect high-pitch scales, Rahman’s goosebumps-inducing ‘aalap’ and cutesy Manisha Koirala looking all shy and pretty. What’s not to love? Even after all these years, this song still finds a place in our hearts and our playlists.

‘Nahi Saamne Tu’ from ‘Taal’
This is a song that fits all occasions – when you are happy or sad. It's not really a rain song, but every time we hear it, we smell petrichor. So poetic, so intense, so perfect. No one else can do this, but Rahman.

‘Safarnama’ from ‘Tamasha’
You can expect nothing short of ‘magic’ when you bring together the brilliance of Lucky Ali and A.R. Rahman. The perfect interspersion of acoustic guitars and accordion in the song is just so heavenly that every time we hear this song our heart goes out and flies around like a butterfly. 

‘Challa’ from ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ 
Right from its guitar riffs to its mesmerising use of cymbals, this song has it all right. The movie may not have done the numbers on the box office, but we are still thankful to A.R. Rahman for giving us this gem of a song. 

‘Patakha Guddi’ from ‘Highway’
There are very few songs that can make you feel free-spirited and ‘Patakha Guddi’ is one of them. The hard-hitting notes and kickass beats work like a charm and fill us with so much energy that we truly feel alive!

While there are countless Rahman songs, we simply can’t choose a favourite. Which songs do you like? Do tell us in the comments section below.