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Meet Roshni Bhatia AKA The Boss Lady Who Did It All.

There are days when we just need that extra dose of motivation. Sometimes we find it in a song, movie or even a person we follow on social media. We follow them, look up to them and honestly, it does get a little better. 

Instagram Influencer, Youtuber, style icon, a cool mom -  Roshni Bhatia has aced it all! 

So, if you want to get inspired, just put on a face mask and read all about Roshni Bhatia popularly known by her handle @thechiquefactor. 

You ask why? 
She followed her dream and became a fashion influencer in spite of what life had in store for her. Breaking all the rules for all the right reasons, she fought until she turned her passion to paycheck.

Who Is She?
Back in 2015, Roshni always wanted to follow her dream. Life wasn’t easy on her either. Turning lemons into lemonade, she started vlogging about makeup and fashion - two things which are close to her heart. In spite of all her troubles, she kept at it and soon shot to fame! 

Now she proudly and happily runs her channel while dabbling with different kinds of style for people to try and enjoy. 

Roshni’s fans adore her to bits. Be it taking real-life inspo from her or ushering all her posts with supportive comments, they keep coming. 

Get Your Dose Of Inspo From Roshni Bhatia To Turn Your Passion To Paycheck

Get Your Dose Of Inspo From Roshni Bhatia To Turn Your Passion To Paycheck

Where It All Started 
Roshni literally started from scratch. She was married off young and had a rough relationship with her then-husband. But she didn’t let that deter her. She filed for a divorce, won custody of her son and even met her now-husband Piyush Sethi. This motivated her to take up fashion because she realised that’s where her passion lies. Roshni was even the Video Head at PopXO back in 2017.

She experimented with style, collaborated with other influencers and consistently worked to curate content for her Youtube channel which garnered an impressive response from her audience. But that’s not it, She even managed to become an Instagram sensation with a whopping 220k followers and counting! 

Well, after this, one thing is clear, she’s one person who took ‘my mark, my signature’ literally that she turned it into #passiontopaycheck

Get inspired and follow us for more such #passiontopaycheck stories. 

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