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A Middle-Class Man Who’s Created A Class For Bollywood

Some call him the master of offbeat roles, some know him as the man who portrays ordinary men plagued with dysfunction and for me, he’s the man whose movies are like a breath of fresh air. 
Seriously, this man has created a niche for himself. If you ask me to book a ticket for an Ayushmann movie, I won’t think twice. Because I know, I’ll never be disappointed.

Right from his debut Vicky Donor to his recent one Bala, Ayushmann has ensured that he addresses all the relevant issues in the society. With a little bit of humour, with a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work, Ayushmann has never failed to charm us. Time and again he’s always proven that content is the king! 

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The journey

Looks like this multi-talented, good-looking guy-next-door from Chandigarh always knew what he wanted to do in life. From the age of 17 he started participating in reality shows, pursued his Masters in communication, went on to be an RJ, then a VJ and after hosting a ton of shows, he finally got a break in the John Abraham produced Vicky Donor. Since then, there’s no turning back.

Even though he knew what he wanted to do, he had to work really hard for it. He confesses that as a child he had stage fright and he used to get really nervous speaking in front of a crowd. But his dad knew that he had to outgrow it. So, all he did was push him to face his fears. He then started participating in competitions and joining theatre groups. From being a nervous child to winning a National award for best actor, Ayushmann has surely come a long way. Clearly our dream girl has always been a dreamer.


It’s all about love
Personally, I’m a huge fan of his work and now, I’m a fan of him beyond work too. Why, you ask? Because he decided to take a break from the movies to spend time with his family. Juggling between success and family has always been hard for him. But, when his wife, Tahira needed him to be there, he was always by her side. And now, he’s taken a call to put work on hold and spend time with his family. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve heard lately? He shows us the importance of demarcating between personal and professional life and to work hard and to love harder.

Here’s to the man who always strives for perfection and who’s made a mark for himself.