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If you've been on Twitter lately, you would have seen a million funny memes of Virat going around. Be it on the field or the off the field, Virat has given us some light-hearted moments and Twitteratis sure know how to make memes out of it.

Ready to laugh out loud? Just scroll down. 

1. Maine Bola Tha Na, Apna Time Aayega!



2. Kya? Mujhe Toh Laga Friday Aa Gaya


3. 2 + 2 =?  Virat + Bat = 100


4. Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Credits - @KohliMemes


5. Chak De Phatte

Credits - @KohliMemes


6. Girega, Girega, Girega… Gir Gaya!

Credits - @KohliMemes


7. Jeetega bhai jeetega! 
Credits - @badechote


8. Bas Ek Aur Century Dila Do, Virat!
Credits - @KohliMemes


Do you know of more Virat memes? Share it with us in the comments below.