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But in the end, you love them anyway!

Have you ever had a yaar who is the human form of Google? You ask them a simple question and you get serenaded with so much information that you didn’t even know you needed in the first place. They have advice on practically everything - from breakups to jugaads, and more.

Even before you could digest it, they are mid-way ranting about that one time they did this or said that… How do we even ask them to shut up about it? But wait, have you noticed, it is always that friend who is single but yet he always gives gyaan. 

Anyway, these gems called friends end up being not just your yaars but the crash course you never signed up for but have to endure. Don’t we love them anyway?

Well, for all those times, here are a few memes that you would totally relate to! 

1. When They Tell You To Chew Your Food 32 Times 
Did you make the mistake of not chewing your food 32 times in front of them? I mean, how could you? Now they will lecture you right up until your next meal and make sure you chew the right number of times. 

Gyaani yaars

2. When They Help You With Relationship Problems 
We have all had relationship problems and God knows how much it hurts. But don’t worry, that one yaar will come right over, pour a glass of Mcdowell’s on the rocks and listen to all your troubles. And, before you’re even done ranting, they will come up with a full-proof plan to cheer you up again. 

gyaani yaars

3. When They Literally Help You With Small Talk 
Can you believe it? Their gyaan has stuck on to you so much so that it helps you make conversation. Well, now you know whom to thank. They are the reason that you have world-changing intel at your fingertips. 

gyaani yaars

4. When They Look After You Because They Care 
They are your friends who will take care of you in times of need right after they give you gyaan about how you should have listened to them. They will first scold you for having ‘thanda paani’ when they clearly told you not to. And, you’re every bit thankful for that, hai na? 

gyaani yaars

Call up that one gyaani yaar and tell them how much they mean to you before they start lecturing you again on how you’ve forgotten them and their yaari. 

*Drink Responsibly